‘Karen’ Who Went Nuts On Delta Flight Taken Into Custody By FBI

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Delta Airlines passenger Patricia Cornwall was taken into custody over the weekend by the FBI after a Christmas Eve incident where the woman punched and spit on a man during a Tampa to Atlanta flight where she flipped out over the man for not wearing his mask.

In a statement released by the Atlanta Police Department, passengers on the flight told police that Cornwall was responsible for the “disturbance while in the air,” and that it led to the “injury of fellow passengers and Delta employees.”

Delta Passenger ‘Karen’ Is Patricia Cornwall, A Former Playboy Model, Raiders Cheerleader & Baywatch Actress

The FBI was contacted and she was transferred from the Atlanta Police precinct to an FBI facility.

In a video from the incident, “Karen” can be heard screaming at the older man to put his mask on — while having her mask down to her chin.

“Put your f— mask on!” she yells at the man.

“Sit down, Karen!” he fires back.

“Mask up!” she responds.

And then things hit the boiling point.

“You mask up, b—!” he responds, which leads to Cornwall slapping the man.

“You’re going to jail!” he yells back as Delta employees try to regain control of the cabin.

Delta passenger punches man for not wearing his mask
Patricia Cornwall taken into custody by the FBI / via Twitter

The FBI has yet to determine the charges Cornwall could face over the incident, but in November, the FAA signed an order directing stricter policies that includes a zero tolerance policy for passengers who cause problems in the sky.

The FAA even created social media campaigns to announce what types of fines people could face for such behavior as Cornwall displayed.

FAA fines for passenger behavior / via FAA
FAA fines for passenger behavior / via FAA

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  1. Update: the lady is a former playmate and has appeared on Baywatch (which I honestly had no interest in ever seeing). I’m thinking she caused a stir to get some headlines, maybe some talk show appearances… or maybe she’s a prescription drug junkie like a surprising number of former beautiful queens fighting gravity and non elastic, stretchy skin.

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