Karen Rovell Blasts No. 1 Seed Pat Forde, Advances To Identity Politics Final Four

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There are woke all-star Elite 8 ass stompings, and then there’s the bloody knockout Karen Rovell delivered to Pat Forde, the No. 1 seed out of the Nonbinary Region. Coming into this coronabro heavyweight, Rovell was a clear Vegas favorite, possibly due to a seeding issue by the committee.

Rovell, who doesn’t give himself a chance against Dan Wolken, Jemele Hill or Keith Olbermann in the Identity Politics Final Four, has been an absolute machine during the regionals. He opened the Sweet 16 by destroying ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth and did the same to Pat Forde, who made sure to celebrate NCAA coaches being eliminated because they were loose with their masks.

Perhaps Rovell’s name brand is just so valuable that it trumps even the craziest of ideas, such as keeping tabs on which NCAA coaches don’t wear their masks correctly in Pat Forde’s eyes. That’s just how strong Rovell is in this competition, but now come the big dogs. He’ll face Wolken and then a possible showdown with the titans of woke, either Jemele or wacko Olbermann.

Next up: Olbermann vs. Mike Florio and Jemele vs. Max Kellerman. Vegas feels pretty confident in how these two battles will end.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I like Florio in an upset over Olbermann. The way he has been shaming the women who accuse DeShaun Watson of sexual assault by attacking their lawyer shows that he is a shameless and gutless hypocrite. He won’t go directly after the women because that would be misogynistic. So he goes after the lawyer as if we’re as stupid as he thinks we are that we can’t see through the charade.

    He defends Watson because he is a black QB. I don’t remember him defending Ben Roethlisberger when only one woman accused him of sexual assault. Florio is showing he is pure scum.

  2. Well put Joey Vee. But I think Kellerman is definitely at a disadvantage, being that he’s a white male and making millions of dollars a year. He would pretty much need to cancel himself and allow a person of color to take his spot in order for him to win this one. His only chance is to use the fact that Stephen A has his back. The token black friend thing. But Hill is a woke powerhouse and has leveraged that zero talent wokeness into a woke cultural phenomenon the likes we haven’t ever seen. She’s going to be tough to beat. But then again, white, male, radical leftist millionaires who pretend to care about black people are built for this kind of tournament. On a side note, I would pay to be an All Access VIP every year just to comment on this one subject. This shit is great!

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