Karen Boone Wants To Talk To A Manager Over Phillies Fans Blowing Air Horns

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Phillies fans managed to get on Yankees skipper Karen Boone’s nerves last night to the point where he complained to the umpires after fans outside Citizens Bank Park. The fans were blowing an air horn when Yankees starter Jordan Montgomery was delivering to the plate and that brought Boone out to complain to umpires who couldn’t do a thing about it.

“The environment we’re in, it’s almost like a golf environment where that sudden thing can … So I thought there was a timing element to it,” Boone said after the game.

Now, we know Philly fans think of everything and that means a group of fans — the Phandemic Krew — hiring a drumline to create some music during the game. This is genius.

“I paid $100 for them to play for 15 minutes in the middle of Game 1,” said Alvarado, a Philly-born Phillies fan who now lives across the river in Audubon, N.J. “Their price was initially a little high, but I told them what I wanted them to do and they told me they’d do it for me.”

The Krew Twitter page says they’ll be at every home game, staking out 10th & Phillies Way behind Ashburn Alley as their turf. It looks like visiting teams will get used to the air horns or MLB will step in and tell the Phillies to make it stop. Knowing how Rob Manfred operates he’ll probably come up with some archaic rule and say Phillies fans are breaking it.  The Phillies seem to be onboard with the Krew movement. According to the Inquirer, Howard Smith, the team’s vice president of business affairs, visited the Krew “and told the fans they could be heard and that the team appreciated what they were doing.”

The lesson here for people is to keep being ingenious, never stop using your brain. You can still be a fan. Never stop dreaming even if Karen Boone wants you silenced.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. Hey Joe,
    I’m hoping you didn’t write the “Karen” word in the headline, but if you did, okay.
    “Karen” is getting to be like the proverbial “that’s a dog whistle” protestation the rad left screeches if anyone criticizes their actions (looting, riots, arson). Same thing with being called a racist…yawn.
    My point being if we’re gonna shout “Karen” every time a manager argues something at home plate then we’re all gonna forget about it in a NY minute and it’s effectiveness will be zero by next week. And I’d feel the same way no matter if it was the Houston cheaters lol.
    It’s cool when OUTKICK does it to Rovell, because he’s literally acting like the middle-aged soccer mom who thinks she knows everything about life and living.
    You know, we all know, managers have been protecting their players since whenever (pick a date). Boone was legit in telling the ump that an air-horn blast just as the pitcher is releasing his pitch and hitting his landing spot with his foot could be very dangerous for all involved.
    Especially when it gets into the pitcher’s head and now he’s thinking if the horn’s gonna sound the same time next pitch, maybe a fraction earlier, maybe a double shot? And especially with no fans in the stands to lessen the sudden impact. Definitely not cool. Thanks.

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