Epic Scenes Unfold As Kansas Students Throw Goalpost In Lake To Celebrate Bowl Eligibility For First Time In 10+ Years

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Kansas football is going to a bowl game for the first time since 2008. To reach that mark, the Jayhawks did something that they had not done since 2010— beat a ranked team.

On Saturday afternoon in Lawrence, No. 18 Oklahoma State took the field with its backup quarterback and failed to get anything going. Kansas took a 24-7 lead into halftime and added 13 points in the second half to win its sixth game of the season, 37-16.

Immediately after the clock hit zero, the students stormed onto the field in celebration. Their team is bowl eligible for the first time in more than a decade!

Not long after pouring onto the turf, the rowdy, formerly win-deprived fans made their way to the goalpost, hopped up on top of the big yellow upright and tore it down.

While beating a team that was ranked outside of the top-15 may not seem like a big deal, it goes deeper than just a win. The Jayhawks have been a laughingstock in the Big 12 for the last 13 years.

That is not the case this season.

Kansas’ record by year since winning the Orange Bowl at 12-1 in 2007 has been a slow, steady decline…

  • 2008 — 8-5
  • 2009 — 5-7
  • 2010 — 3-9
  • 2011 — 2-10
  • 2012 — 1-11
  • 2013 — 3-9
  • 2014 — 3-9
  • 2015 — 0-12 (OOF)
  • 2016 — 2-10
  • 2017 — 1-11
  • 2018 — 3-9
  • 2019 — 3-9
  • 2020 — 0-9
  • 2021 — 2-10

… until now!

  • 2022 — 6-3 and counting.

Over the course of that brutal losing streak, the Jayhawks went through five head coaches before landing on Lance Leipold last year. In year two, Leipold has them playing in the postseason. It has been a truly remarkable turnaround worthy of the goalpost-removal.

A victory parade ensued as Kansas students carried the goalpost out of David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium.

The students had a final destination in mind — the lake on campus.

After a fairly short trek, the students reached Potter Lake and dumped the upright into the water below.

A few students even joined the goalpost for a celebratory bath.

The man who led Kansas to its first bowl game since 2008 loved what he saw.

The Wheel is going to be ROWDY in Lawrence tonight. Party on, Jayhawks!

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