Kansas City Chiefs Mourn Passing Of Norma Hunt, The First Lady Of Football

Norma Hunt, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt and the mother of team's current CEO Clark Hunt, died Sunday. She was 85.

The family announced her death via a statement released by the Chiefs on Sunday night.

"Kind, generous and unfailingly positive, mom was one of a kind," the statement reads. "Her joy and zeal for life were infectious."

Hunt — sometimes called "The First Lady of Football" — attended all 57 Super Bowls.

She even helped name sports' biggest event. According to Fox News, her husband Lamar had suggested the "Super Bowl" name to the NFL because of a Super Ball toy Norma had bought their two children, Clark and Daniel.

"Mom was steadfastly devoted to her family and fiercely passionate about her family's sports teams," the family wrote. "She was by our father Lamar's side every step of the way — from the merger of the AFL and the NFL to the formation of Major League Soccer, World Championship Tennis, the North American Soccer League, and their founding investment in the Chicago Bulls."

Norma's husband Lamar Hunt died in 2006.

"She was the only person we knew who rivaled his love of sports," the statement continued. "The two of them found such joy together, whether at home, or in stadium stands around the world."

Sports World Pays Tribute to Norma Hunt

After the news of her death, condolences poured in from athletes, NFL personnel and even politicians. Norma clearly had an impact far beyond the game.

In Super Bowl I, Norma Hunt watched the Green Bay Packers beat her Kansas City Chiefs.

Fitting that her final Super Bowl was a Chiefs victory.

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