‘Flight Attendant’ Star Kaley Cuoco Had To Be Taught How To Have Fake Sex

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HBO is still looking for its next Game of Thrones. And while The Flight Attendant won’t be it, this headline dunks on the headlines of all other current TV shows.

Kaley Cuoco, the show’s star, revealed that her co-star had to coach her on how to perform her “first true sex scene.”

Per The Sun, it took some time to get there. It wasn’t easy putting on a satisfactory performance.

“Cuoco just couldn’t seem to get in the mood and needed a bit of a nudge on what to do considering it was her first time shooting something so intimate.

“She told USA Today: “Network 8 o’clock TV is a little different than (streaming) all hours of the night.

“‘I had scenes like that on Big Bang, but this was like a true sex scene.

“‘I told Michiel [Huisman], ‘I’ve never done this before. Have you done it before?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, like 30, 40 times. And I was like, ‘What?’”

Fair enough, no?

“’Michiel finally goes, ‘It looks like you’re hovering over a public toilet. What are you doing?'” Cuoco goes on.

Luckily, she concludes he properly taught her to have “fake sex.”

Finally, a positive story. This year has been filled with selfishness, and we’re happy to learn that Michiel Huisman is not a selfish fake lover.

But how good of a teacher is he? You be the judge:

Got you. You have to tune in to judge that one.

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  1. ‘So the star certainly had to turn the temperature up a notch while filming a sex scene in a plane toilet with Huisman, who plays her love interest Alex Sokolov.’

    This is what Hollywood thinks the act is…like the plane toilet town it is.

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