Justin Jefferson Yells At Kirk Cousins: ‘F**K, Kirk’

Justin Jefferson, the stud rookie, is feeling himself. It’s Week 15 and he’s yelling at mediocre QBs. His mediocre QB, that is.

After delaying his throw and subsequently not throwing the touchdown, Kirk Cousins got the f-word — from a rookie:

“Fuck, Kirk. Come on, throw the ball!”

Jefferson is fantastic. But for Cousins, 32, that stings.

Just checked, no one has said that to Patrick Mahomes yet. Or Josh Allen. Sorry, Foxworth.

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  1. Kirk probably doesn’t show him up for every drop or route run wrongly. When Jefferson stands in that pocket trying to make pinpoint throws 30 times per game with 315 pound men trying to kill him, then he can yell at a QB. That’s bush. Teammates will get right with him in the locker room for that one.

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