Justin Jefferson Teases Upcoming Changes To Signature ‘Griddy’ Touchdown Celebration After Madden Swipes His Swag

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When you think of Justin Jefferson, it’s hard not to associate him with his signature touchdown celebration. Since entering the NFL, the Vikings wide receiver has brought ‘The Griddy’ international.

The dance, which was started by Allen Davis in New Orleans, started to go viral in the Louisiana area during the 2019/2020 college football season. Ja’Marr Chase and Jefferson would hit ‘The Griddy’ after touchdowns at LSU.

From there, Jefferson was drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. After scoring his first touchdown that fall, he hit The Griddy.

And then he just kept scoring. And he just kept Griddy-ing.

Soon enough, it was the biggest dance in the entire world. It was on TikTok, it was on Instagram, it was on high school football fields, it was in middle school hallways, it was in Fortnite..

… it was everywhere!

That is still the case. There are very few people worldwide who don’t know about The Griddy.

But Jefferson almost changed things up. Back in April of 2021, after his rookie season, he did an exclusive with GQ Magazine and said that once The Griddy got featured in Madden, he would create a new dance.

“My goal is to get the Griddy on Madden,” he said. “Once that happens I’ll start coming up with some more dances.”

Well, The Griddy made it to Madden. It’s in the game.

Will Justin Jefferson switch up his signature celebration?

No, but there is some new stuff coming. He spoke with the media on Friday and said that the dance will continue.

“I might be adding some stuff to it,” Jefferson said about The Griddy. “I’m still going to be doing The Griddy. It’s still my signature thing, so I might as well keep doing it until people get tired of it.”

Jefferson’s first chance to debut what he added to The Griddy will come on Monday night. The Vikings open the 2022 NFL season against the Eagles.

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