Justin Fields Off-Field Ambition: Open A Vegan Pizza Shop In Chicago

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Picturing quarterback Justin Fields strutting into Bears training camp with a couple of vegan pizzas doesn’t generate quite the same visual as rookie Jim McMahon walking into camp with a case of Bud Lights. But if the on-field results are the same (McMahon’s the last Bears QB to win a Super Bowl), Chicago residents might be trading deep dish for vegan pies.

In an interview with Insider, Fields, a vegan, dished about opening his own vegan pizzeria in his new hometown: “You rarely see famous Chicago pizza restaurants that have vegan cheese on it. I hope so one day [to open my own vegan pizzeria]. That would be awesome. We would definitely create more knowledge to other people that think vegan stuff is nasty. So if I were able to do that, we could get the word out, and people would try it, and more people would think about going vegan or plant-based.”

The rookie quarterback adopted a plant-based diet last May and was encouraged with the results: “During the middle of the pandemic, I went back home to Georgia, and my family wanted to try a plant-based 28-day detox. After the 28-day period, I liked the results that it gave me physically but also internally and how it felt inside.”

Though Fields is slated to start the season as Chicago’s backup behind veteran Andy Dalton, being second on the depth chart shouldn’t be a problem. Since turning vegan, number two has been anything but a concern: “Before I moved to plant-based, I would kind of be a little bit constipated. I didn’t take a number two as often as I do now.”

And now we finally have an answer to the age-old question: “Does a bear sh*t in the woods?”

If it’s vegan, yes.

Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Good for him!
    I have been on a plant based diet going on four years now. It’s not that hard. In that four years, I have not been sick once, not even a cold.
    I’ll go as far to say that I believe myself immune to any virus including COVID so no jab for me.

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