Justin Bieber Takes A Leak On Private Los Angeles Golf Course Like It’s A $29 Muni Dump

Put your dick away, Bieber.

A private eye tipped off OutKick to a Saturday round of golf where pop legend Justin Bieber was out enjoying a round of golf at a swanky Los Angeles private golf course when all of a sudden Bieber’s King Cobra was hanging out of his pants as he searched for a tree to take a leak on.

It won’t take long for the Bieber Believers to fire off “you’re going to prison” emails claiming something about the invasion of privacy. Hey Bieber Believers, do you think other golfers at a “swanky” private golf course want to see Bieber walking around with his dick in his hands.

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I’ll speak for them: Absolutely not!

The Bieber Believers will claim flopping out the driver and unleashing a stream is just part of the game. Hey losers, that’s behavior you see out of drunken plumbers and bloggers at muni tracks and golf courses hosting six-hour scrambles where wives start calling around hole No. 12.

via / ⒸBabak Rachpoot from RACHPOOT.COM

Walking around a private golf course with your dick in your hand isn’t becoming of an 8-handicap — unless Biebs and his boy got into the Fireball. Then it’s a whole other ballgame. Your brain starts to malfunction, especially if you’re already in 12 IPAs before the Fireball starts flowing. One thing leads to another and you might be stumbling around with your dick in your hand. It happens.

But in this case, according to OutKick’s eagle-eyewitness, Biebs drained the main vein and went back to enjoying golf on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It doesn’t appear he was hammering Lagunitas IPAs.

And before you think this is just OutKick picking on Biebs, let’s not forget that folks on these private courses don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and call the police. Back in 2010, Ben Roethlisberger fit the description of a suspect who was taking a leak on trees at the Country Club at Muirfield Village. In that case, a woman named Nan told police it was Roethlisberger, but he was long gone by the time cops showed up to investigate at the crime scene.

Peeing in public settings seems to be a Bieber thing

A quick check of the archives reveals this isn’t the first time Bieber’s dumped out the dong and done damage. Way back in 2013, Bieber took a leak into a restaurant mop bucket at an NYC nightclub while yelling “F–k Bill Clinton.”

In that situation, Biebs reached out to Slick Willy and apologized to the former President.

Does Bieber owe an apology for dumping out his dong on the golf course where it was in full view of the golfing community?

You make the call.

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via / ⒸBabak Rachpoot from RACHPOOT.COM
via / ⒸBabak Rachpoot from RACHPOOT.COM

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