Julio Jones Signing a Stack of Jerseys in T-Town Menswear

Every day brings a new revelation that makes Alabama’s explanation for what went down at T-Town Menswear look more and more artificial. Today, meet Julio Jones, man of many suits, as he signs a stack of personalized jerseys inside T-Town Menswear. The photo is courtsey of SportsByBrooks, you need to click the link to see how full story on this matter. In the meantime, why does Julio Jones need to sign that many jerseys for a storeowner? A full stack? Even the most crimson-blooded Alabama fan on Earth has to be troubled by this. After all, this isn’t a personal gift, this is Julio signing jerseys so they can be sold to the public on multiple kiosks in the state. 

Alabama argues that its players couldn’t have known their jerseys were being sold after they signed them. That position is becoming more and more laughable each day.

Who signs a stack of jerseys like this without knowing where they’re heading? Julio Jones is smart, he knew exactly what he was doing when he stood over a stack of jerseys and began signing his name on jerseys that had been specially ordered to include his last name. He was doing this for his friend Tom Albetar, a guy who he knew well. This wasn’t some stranger. If it was perhaps Julio would have turned the other way when he was presented with a stack of his own jerseys and asked to sign his name while someone stood alongside and took his photograph.

He trusted Tom — even if Alabama didn’t –Tom was a good guy.

Tom was a friend.

In fact, Julio was such good friends with the owner that he hung out on the store computer.



Heck, Julio was such good friends with disassociated booster Tom Albeter, that he even brought a girl to hang out with them in the office. 


Repeat, this is Julio Jones hanging out in the office of a disassociated booster. He even brought a girl with him to hang in the office! You telling me Julio didn’t know exactly what was going down when he signed a stack of jerseys for his store-owning buddy?

We’ve already seen that Julio hung out in the store and used the computer, that he modeled jackets, that he regularly posed with the owner. That he brought girls to the store with him!

Again, I ask you, why is the SportsByBrooks linked photograph at the top of this screen being taken as Julio signs a stack of jerseys? The answer is easy, so purchasers of these jerseys have authentication that Julio Jones actually signed the jerseys himself.

Take off the crimson-colored glasses, Alabama fans, the mushroom cloud is continuing to grow. Be sure and read SportsByBrooks’ story here.  

And please stop arguing that Julio didn’t know. He’s a smart guy. He knew exactly what he was doing. To argue otherwise is an insult to his intelligence.

And yours.   

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Written by Clay Travis

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