Julian Edelman Talks Sliding On Car Hoods After Too Much Tequila

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No water, no electricity, and now, no car hood slides? Life in California ain’t that fun … unless you’ve got a sh**-ton of tequila on hand.

Former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman had just that during a visit to Beverly Hills on Jan. 2020.

During the late-night, pre-pandemic hangout, Edelman was arrested for drunkenly sliding across a car’s hood, Starsky and Hutch-style.

After switching out the Gatorade for Tito’s, Edelman felt confident in his hood-hopping abilities.

Edelman’s booze cruise was joined by Celtics great Paul Pierce and former Pats teammate Danny Amendola. He failed to glide across the whip and was arrested when a bystander caught him in the act outside of a restaurant. He was handed a vandalism charge for some light damage on the vehicle.

“Technically, it was a citizen’s citation arrest,” Edelman shared during his Games with Names podcast. “I mean, you can’t even hood slide anymore, ‘Starsky and Hutch’ hood slide. I mean, Paul was right there.”

“That was the weakest hood slide ever,” Pierce jovially added. “You didn’t even make it off. You like stood and stopped in the middle. I was like, ‘Ah, nah.'”

Julian Edelman, Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola
Julian Edelman, Paul Pierce and Danny Amlmendola

Despite Edelman’s knack for acrobatic catches throughout his NFL career, pulling off the Hollywood stunt was too tricky for him.

“It was my jeans,” Julian added. “There was no slide; there was too much friction … Me, wearing straight jeans, go over there and I kind of stuck. Homeboy gets out of [the] car, waves down a cop, they start hemming me up.”

“We were stuck in the restaurant because there was a robbery and couldn’t leave. There were already 25 cops right there anyway. I thought it was nothing, though,” Pierce noted. “If you had landed the slide, it wouldn’t have been nothing. But since you skid and stopped, it was a thing.”

Things might’ve been rough for Edelman as cops kept him and his athlete buddies at the scene for hours. They still found a way to have fun.

“We were on our way to leave, and we couldn’t leave the place for 2 1/2 hours, so what did we do? We just drank tequila all night long. We get done; we think we get out of it scot-free,” Edelman admitted.

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