Julian Edelman Responded Perfectly to DeSean Jackson

Julian Edelman responded perfectly to DeSean Jackson.

As you know, DeSean Jackson said some idiotic anti-semitic things. But Julian Edelman didn’t respond by trying to best him or by trying to cancel him.

He brought him in. He built a bridge.

Julian Edelman told DeSean Jackson that he said a lot of dumb things but invited him to go to the Holocaust Museum together in Washington, DC.

Then he said they should go to the Black History Museum together.

It was a smart response. Cancel-culture is inherently wrong and flawed.

Edelman extended an olive branch and now they have an opportunity to both learn from it instead of being at each other’s throats.

Instead of trying to cancel people when they say something that you don’t agree with, try to educate them. Bring them in. Talk.

That’s what needs to happen. That’s what should happen. It should be emulated by all of us.

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