Judge Orders Utah Woman To Give Ex-Husband Albums Containing Naked Pics In Divorce

Some people want money, or cars, or property in a divorce. And some people want the naked pictures their ex gave them while they were together.

A Utah man falls into the naked pictures category.

Chris and Lindsay Marsh were married for 25 years before she filed for divorce in 2021. The only thing Chris asked for during the divorce proceedings – according to Lindsay – were albums containing lingerie, topless, and naked pictures of his ex-wife.

Lindsay Marsh/Facebook

Surprisingly the judge ruled in his favor. Under one condition, the pictures could be altered before being handed over. This didn’t sit well with his ex-wife, who compared the ruling to being forced to distribute porn.

“You don’t know where to turn because you don’t know the law,” Marsh told Fox News Digital.

“You have an ex-husband who you were married to for years forcing you to distribute basically porn, and he thinks it’s OK, his attorney also thinks that it is OK, and then you bring it in front of a judge, and he thinks it’s OK.”

It Sounds Like She Made The Right Decision

Second District Court Judge Michael Edwards ruled that Chris Marsh could have copies of the albums after edits were made to obscure any images of her naked or in lingerie.

The edits were reportedly made with black boxes being added to the images. The inscriptions included with the images were not altered. Lindsay is said to have turned the edited copied over to her ex-husband.

The original photographer put black boxes over the exposed parts of her body without altering the affectionate inscriptions and notes, then Lindsay Marsh turned over the copies to her ex-husband, she said.

“I’m naked in some of these photos,” the mother of three added. “When we went to trial, he never asked about pictures of our children, of our family, of our dogs. He only asked for multiple pictures of just me along with these albums.”

Lindsay Marsh/Facebook

Chris Marsh gave his side of the story and claimed that he never asked for the naked pics. He only wanted the inscriptions on them.

“I never asked for the photos, I asked for the inscriptions,” he told Fox News Digital. He said that the judge gave her an opportunity to redact and copy the album pages herself then turn them over. She did not have to hand them to a third party to edit, he added.

If you’re buying that all he wanted were the inscriptions then I have a bridge to sell you.

Written by Sean Joseph

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