Joy Reid: ‘I Got Into Harvard Because Of Affirmative Action’

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MSNBC host Joy Reid attended Harvard University on account of affirmative action.

Her words. Not ours.

“I got into Harvard because of affirmative action,” said Reid.

Keep in mind, Reid used the segment as justification that the Supreme Court was wrong to rule it unconstitutional to use race as a factor in college admissions.

She said affirmative action made her victim in the classroom:

“I was in a big conference class where some white students stood up and said, ‘Those students, the black students, they’re only here because of affirmative action.” It became a huge argument that we all ended up having,” said Reid.

“I had never had my academic credentials questioned. I had never had anyone question whether I was intelligent — until I got to Harvard. And it was a defining point of my experience there. It was one of the many reasons I was miserable during my freshman year. I felt completely out of place. People kept telling me, “You shouldn’t be here.”

Well, based on her test scores, she should not have been there.

Anyway, here are the consequences of admitting someone into an Ivy League college based on the color of their skin:

Consider that MSNBC continues to use Reid, despite her misunderstanding of the electoral system, on its main desk for election coverage.

It’s no wonder a majority of Americans support the Supreme Court’s decision.

That and because the admission process is systemically racist:

In a meritocracy, Reid would have attended the Colorado Community College System and deputy edited the weekend blogs for

Instead, Harvard accepted her based on the color of her skin and MSNBC hired her to screech about the privileges of white people.

It’s called anti-racism.

One can catch Reid weekdays in primetime. There, she recently warned black people that the GOP keeps them alive “only to cook white people steaks.”

Whatever that means.

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