Reuters ‘Journalist’ Says Old People with American Flags Gave Her Jan. 6 Vibes

Senior citizens gathered for a small protest on Wednesday in honor of the 1776 Restoration Movement, an off-shoot group focused on general government overreach.

The protesters strolled and waved American flags. And that has a Reuters journalist on tilt, believing they were about to storm the Capitol.

Meet Congressional correspondent Patricia Zengerle. She’s a lot to handle:

Let us take a closer look at these very scary creatures:

There is something wrong with these people, as in people like the Reuters tweeter.

She argues that the American flag is now a symbol of danger, not freedom. The flag gives her anxiety. No, wait — #Jan6 anxiety.

Or at least that’s what she’s pretending to think. Maybe that’s a good way to score points in media circles?

This reminds us of Mara Gay, an editorial board member at the New York Times, who announced that seeing the American flag upsets her. According to Gay, the American flag is “just disturbing.”

As we said earlier this week in a column, we are in bizarro world. History will not remember this era kindly.

The press is a big reason for that. Instead of respected reporters, schmucks like this Reuters “journalist” now make up the press core.

Overdramatic and pathetic.

 #Jan6 anxiety.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. America, Love it or Leave it!
    I sure hope the Griner dude changes his/her attitude about the Red, White and Blue if/when he/she ever gets out of the gulag.
    You don’t realize how much freedom you have until don’t have it.

  2. We are going downhill fast. I personally don’t think we’re coming back. The left has infiltrated the school systems and the young people don’t see anything wrong with despising our country.

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