Journalist Intern Outed For Boarding Up Influencer Photo Op

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Fiona Moriarity-McLaughlin was named as the woman who stopped by a Santa Monica location where a worker was drilling plywood into a frame to protect a storefront from looting so she could get a posed photo. Fiona, who provided commentary for the Washington Examiner according to her now-deleted Twitter account, has had her posts deleted as the Examiner apparently cut ties with her on Tuesday.

Fiona is reportedly a UC Santa Barbara senior, has deleted her social media accounts and now can’t even use the posed photo for clout during these difficult times. Let it be a lesson kids. And I’m not telling parents how to parent, but this should be a lecture series in your house on how to handle your business. Posed photos for the Gram can come back to haunt you. Be on high alert. Use your head.

Should this ruin her career? Absolutely not. Think of all the stupid stuff you guys have done over the years when cameras weren’t around to catch it. Fiona should open up the Twitter account, say how dumb it was, issue the apology and go on with life. The comments are going to be rough, but as her marketing advisor, I would tell her that time will heal her social media wounds and people will forget about this in two weeks or so.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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