Josh Jacobs, Matthew Berry In Weird Feud Over Fantasy Football

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Fantasy football can bring out the best in people … and the worst. The latest example of that is an odd feud happening between Raiders running back Josh Jacobs and fantasy football guru Matthew Berry.

It all started this past weekend when Jacobs posted on Instagram that he would not be suiting up. But apparently, that was an attempt to troll. Soon after, a follow-up post from Jacobs included a middle finger emoji. That was evidently meant for fantasy football players.

Matthew Berry … yeah, he didn’t like that very much.

During The Fantasy Show on Wednesday, Berry went on a rant about the former Alabama running back. Here is some of what he had to say about Jacobs’ actions:

“Why are you literally taking a middle finger to fantasy players who have done nothing, Josh, but show you love? I’ve been a longtime fan and supporter of Josh Jacobs and this really rubbed me the wrong way.

It’s basically just a middle finger to fantasy players who have rooted for Josh Jacobs since he was drafted as a rookie, since he was playing for a team that no one else cared about because the Raiders were terrible last year. A bunch of fantasy players who buy his jersey, who subscribe to Red Zone, who watch the television games, by the way, all of which is revenue that goes to NFL players,” fumed Berry during a segment called “Don’t Be This Guy.” “No NFL player should ever care about fantasy players. You shouldn’t care about our fantasy matchups. But I’ll tell you what, you also shouldn’t insult us.”

Of course, Jacobs saw the clip, and he was ready to engage.

Jacobs ended up blocking Berry, and that was that … well, except for this last tweet from the ESPN personality.

Was it the correct move from Jacobs? Probably not, as there are a lot of fans out there who love him. And yes, that includes people who own him in fantasy football.

There were much better ways to go about getting his point across.

But let’s not act we don’t know what the second-year running back is talking about here. Jacobs is clearly referring to those who get way too worked up over a poor performance from a player. And sometimes, those people verbally attack players — even threaten them in some cases.

That has to be frustrating. Those are the people Jacobs was giving the middle finger too, and he clearly spelled that out in his tweet.

This has been such an odd feud, but I guess it’s par for the course in 2020. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Never been a Matthew Berry fan, other than appreciating that he’s a guy that would otherwise be living with his parents and is instead a paid expert on make believe football.

    With that said, he’s absolutely right in this case, Josh Jacobs is a real douche. Good luck with the loser franchise you play for and your big tits, balding, bikini mask wearing has-been head coach.

    PS. And your mascara wearing QB.

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