Josh Hawley is Right, Woj’s Apology Doesn’t Change Anything, It’s a Distraction

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By now, you are probably aware that it’s been a busy day in sports media. ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski sent a “fuck you” to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley’s for an email asking the NBA if it’d allow players to wear “Free Hong Kong” on the back of their jerseys. Wojnarowski has since apologized and ESPN released a statement. 

Hawley responded:

The senator is right to want more. Because the apology means nothing. Hawley didn’t send the hypocritical NBA a letter to get an apology from a reporter; he wanted an answer from the NBA. This fiasco has been an unintended distraction from the reason it started.

Hawley, like many others, wants to know if the NBA would allow its player to support change in China. The answer is obvious, it’s a no. But to hear the NBA make an excuse would be amusing. 

Even if the NBA were to respond “Yes,” to Hawley’s email, no player would be brave enough to do it. They got the message. It was laid out clearly this past fall by Adam Silver and LeBron James: if it doesn’t enhance our relationship with Nike, shut up and stick to sports.

The reaction from James and the NBA in October was a black eye the league hasn’t recovered from. You may not know this, of course, because the media, who serves as the NBA’s publicists, would never tell you this. The media wouldn’t attribute the support of China to the tanking ratings, because the NBA’s decline isn’t even covered. That’s reserved only for the NFL.

The NBA has questions to answer. Credit to Hawley for asking. But the NBA lucked out today. The attention is solely on Wojnarowski’s email, not its shameful reaction to those who speak out against communist China.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. What exactly is he sorry for? A dishonest apology for an honest sentiment doesn’t solve a thing. Woj is carrying water for MSESPN, Woke City, and the NBA, and predictably is caught between a rock and a hard place. This was his only play, and it was exceptionally weak.

  2. How dumb is woj for writing that back to him? Tinfoil hat thinking: Is there any chance that he’s sacrificing himself and secretly wants to put more pressure on NBA to react to Hong Kong?

    Maybe the stresses are just getting to everyone now? That’s crazy dumb.

  3. another guy in a mask; he takes it off and shows his true self..i honestly thought he would have a diplomatic smart response, even if it involved kicking the can, but no, he went full twitter mode…these dudes cant control themselves

  4. Interesting that Fox Sports Radio today, as hosted by Jason Macintire, said Senator Hawley was not just wrong but he was wrong about things the senator didn’t say. Macintire tried to pull a CNN by restating the controversy over BLM and claiming the Senator was political when he was stating nothing Political, but taking exception to BLM and America.

    Jason is a freaking liar. Had the producer, Gavin, not stopped And corrected him, macintire’s garbage would have gone unchallenged.

    I realize every ‘Talented’ broadcaster can have opinions, that is the America I know, but so far from my experience … much of Fox Sports media is going the EspnMsDNC route. Hornberger on hartmans Sunday show is even worse. That guy isn’t stupid, but he is a clear insane milenial Democrat who played football for a team called the Patriots. How ironic.

    Every show I’ve heard has at least one rabbid liberal and rarely has anyone to counter what’s being said. Clay Travis show is Unique across the media landscape.

    Seems just a matter of time, that Outkick gets kicked from Fox Sports … Though I wish the show would be on later in the morning.

    Outkick needs an iPhone App like Rush Limbaugh and soon!!!

    OK ?

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