Josh Gordon’s Super Bowl LIII Ring Brings Big Money At Auction

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Josh Gordon didn’t play in Super Bowl LIII with the New England Patriots due to an indefinite suspension from the NFL, but he did start 11 games that season and earned himself a Super Bowl ring for his efforts that year. Possibly feeling like the ring didn’t hold my sentimental value, or possibly just trying to cash in on the memorabilia craze right now, Gordon put the ring on the auction block and it went for an astonishing $138,000.

The Gordon Super Bowl ring was part of an incredible Heritage Auctions lineup that had 17 lots sell for $100,000 or more, according to Sports Collectors Daily.

TMZ reported in July that Gordon wasn’t selling the ring himself. Instead, it was a dealer who was responsible for the sale. I’m not an expert on how this type of sale would work, but I have to think Josh isn’t getting that $138,000.

In case you couldn’t tell, the Super Bowl ring market is crazy. Back in 2018, a Tom Brady “friends and family” Super Bowl ring sold for $344,927. It wasn’t even a player ring. It was a “smaller” version of the LI rings Patriots players received after the 28-3 comeback against the Falcons.

From the auction listing:

As previously stated, the ring’s design is effectively an upgrade of the 2016 model, adding that sixth figural Lombardi Trophy to a face utterly coated in diamonds, with blue and red stone providing color to the Patriots logo. “Word Champions” thunders in bold text at each vertical edge. Left shank identifies its recipient by name and diamond-studded jersey number, while still more diamonds frame Gilette Stadium’s signature view lighthouse and bridge. The text “6X” requires no further explanation.

The right shank provides even more diamond studs framing text reading, “Patriots, Still Here” and the logo and final score of Super Bowl LIII. The years of the previous five Super Bowl victories span the bottom of the band, which measures to a size eleven and a half (11.5) and contains Robert Kraft’s simple but effective slogan, “We Are All Patriots.” Total weight is eighty-seven grams (87 g.). Total gem carat weight is a remarkable 9.85. Crafted in ten karat (10K) gold by Josten’s.

via Heritage Auctions

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  1. I feel sorry for Josh a ton of talent but he has addiction problems which over time i believe he has controlled now and then i have always rooted for him. Just wishing him apart from sports a good life and he conquers his demons.

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