Josh Downs’ Reaction To Getting Picked By The Indianapolis Colts Is One Of The Best You’ll See

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Lost in the excitement of the NFL Draft for fans is that hundreds of young men see their dreams come true. For North Carolina wide receiver Josh Downs, the call from the Indianapolis Colts changed his life.

And he let GM Chris Ballard know exactly how much that meant to him.

Downs received the call surrounded by friends and family, who immediately began shouting with sheer joy and excitement.

It took Downs several moments to gather himself and contain his emotions. But he struggled to contain those emotions, and that’s what makes the video that much more incredible.

The Indianapolis Colts drafted North Carolina wide receiver Josh Downs with the 79th overall pick in the NFL Draft.
The Indianapolis Colts drafted North Carolina wide receiver Josh Downs with the 79th overall pick in the NFL Draft. (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

When he finally was able to speak, Downs said the words that every GM longs to here from NFL Draft picks.

“You will not regret this, I swear to you,” Downs told Ballard, fighting through tears.

Then, head coach Shane Steichen took the phone.

“Coach, I’m real ready. I’m telling you right now I’m ready,” Downs told his new coach. “I’m going to do big things for you and I promise you that right now.”

Josh Downs reaction to getting drafted by the Indianapolis Colts is priceless

Look, as a member of the media, I often get caught up in looking at professional athletes for just what they do on the field. It’s easy to forget that these are people, just like anyone else.

But I love videos like this one. It reminds me of a story I wrote about Titans star Jeffery Simmons last month. Simmons had just signed a massive contract extension and he broke out into tears talking about what it means for his family.

Everyone loves a feel-good success story. I know as an analyst I’m not supposed to root for players or teams. And I try not to.

But if I told you that I’m not rooting for Josh Downs, I’d be lying to you.

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