Josh Donaldson Takes His Trash Talk To The Parking Lot, Gets In Giolito’s Face

If you’re going to take the “say it to my face” attitude, you need to be ready to back it up when someone actually does, you know, say it to your face. It’s a bad look when you try to be a tough guy with comments like that only to shy away when push comes to shove.

We don’t know if this is what happened when Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson confronted White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito in a parking lot after a game, but that’s the way Donaldson made it seem.

To give you some of the backstory, Giolito was recently irked by Donaldson’s behavior after a two-run homer on Tuesday night. Donaldson celebrated as he crossed home plate by making a reference to the foreign substance crackdown, and Giolito wasn’t happy about it.

“I saw it after the fact. He’s a f—ing pest,” Giolito said after the game, via NBC Sports. “That’s kind of a classless move. If you’re going to talk s—, talk s— to my face. Don’t go across home plate and do all that, just come to me.”

Well, Donaldson pretty much said, “OK, bet.”

Soon after he heard what Giolito had said during the postgame press conference, Donaldson went and found the ace pitcher in the parking lot. Apparently, the conversation between the two quickly got heated, but Giolito didn’t have a whole lot to say.

“He said, ‘I wish he’d said it to my face.’ Right?” Donaldson said, via a recent update from NBC Sports Chicago. “Well, I did say it to his face. We had a talk last night. Let’s just be quite frank with this, he didn’t have much to say.

“It happened after the game … He was walking in the parking lot, and I went and made sure he heard what I had to say to his face because that’s what he wanted. That’s what he wanted.

“He said that he thought I was annoying. I said, ‘So what? I’m on the opposing team. What do you care about me?’ I said, ‘I’m in your face. I’m telling you what I think. What have you got to say about that?’ And he didn’t have any response.”

That’s called being a man, folks.

In a world where social media warriors get away with saying far too much online that they wouldn’t say in person, I respect anyone who is willing to step up and speak their mind face to face. From the sounds of it, Giolito is the one who had way more to say to the camera than Donaldson. But to be fair, we only have one side of the story.

Either way, I’m all for this in baseball. Who doesn’t love a good “let’s meet in the parking lot” story?

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. I don’t get what the point of all this is. Is he having a midlife crisis or something? He’s getting older after all, doesn’t have a ton of high level play left in his body. I’d also caution against taking his word as law. He could be making this up. He may very well not have said anything to Giolito, or shouted it from a distance and not ‘to his face.

    • Have you ever heard of testosterone, adrenalin, the competitive spirit. That is what sport is all about. Go back to you knitting Sally. That being said the “say it to my face” match up I would pay to see is
      Josh Donaldson vs Yadier Molina. My bet is the words would be few. As for Freddie calling Josh a liar. A perfect example of a keyboard warrior with limp wrists and puny opinions. As for John’s comment. Yes, that would be the sensible thing to do. If the world were sensible, where would we get the awesome content that comes from too much testosterone.

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