Josh Donaldson Gets Tossed AFTER Hitting A Home Run

Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson was thrown out of today’s game by home plate umpire Dan Bellino AFTER he hit a homer.

If you’re wondering if you’ve ever seen a player do this before, don’t because it happened ONCE in 1978. No better way to send a message than telling the umpire he stinks after hitting a bomb. Most of us can’t stand the umpires so this one felt good.

Donaldson’s “Bringer of Rain” nickname was earned from being a complete psychopath on the baseball team. His teammates love him and in turn fans got behind him in Toronto, Atlanta, and Minnesota.

Josh Donaldson is making baseball great again!


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  1. Thank you Josh Donaldson for living out every hitter’s day dream after a horrific call. If umps don’t want to be replaced by robots then they might want to tighten up the balls and strikes. It’s been pretty bad in games I’ve watched this year for some reason.

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