Josh Allen Offered Role In Latest ‘Super Troopers’……A Movie Nobody Is Asking For

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Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen might be ready to try his hand at acting.

During an appearance on “Kyle Brandt’s Basement” with the QB and the comedy group Broken Lizard, the NFL star was floated a role in a third “Super Troopers” movie. The film series follows some of the dumbest cops on the planet as they get into all kinds of trouble, and the group wants Allen involved.

Josh Allen teases “Super Troopers 3” cameo. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

No, this is not a joke. It’s very real, and Allen made it clear he’s more than open to the idea. The talented QB quickly accepted the offer and stated, “I’m in. I would love that. I’ve never done a cameo or anything like that. That’d be pretty cool.”

Nobody is asking to see Josh Allen or anyone else in a new “Super Troopers” movie.

While we all would love to see Josh Allen on the big screen, a new “Super Troopers” film just isn’t something anyone wants.

Don’t get me wrong. The original “Super Troopers” back in 2001 is a classic comedy film. That’s back when laughing and humor were allowed without restrictions.

However, we’ve already seen what a sequel looks like once, and it wasn’t good. The second “Super Troopers” film came out in 2018. It was unwatchable. After 17 years of being able to get it right, it was a downright awful movie.

It was a disgrace to the legacy of the first movie. And in case you think the idea of a third movie is a big joke, it’s not.

Star Jay Chandrasekhar is on the record that he believes a third film about idiot cops is absolutely coming.

For the love of everything righteous in the world of comedy, don’t bring us another “Super Troopers” film. Find literally anything else for Josh Allen, but let’s not keep dragging an all-time great movie.

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