Josh Allen Loves ‘Deez Nuts’ Jokes: Tyrel Dodson on OutKick 360

Buffalo Bills linebacker Tyrel Dodson stopped in the studio to talk with the OutKick 360 crew on Friday and the guys got straight to business.

Chad Withrow asked Dodson more about Bills quarterback Josh Allen and what it’s like in the locker room because Withrow said Allen doesn’t have the “big-time quarterback” personality to him.

“Even watching him in the golf match, I’m thinking this,” Withrow said. “You could tell me this guy is fighting his way into the league or he’s a, you know, a practice squad quarterback somewhere. He doesn’t have the same vibe as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Right. And I say that as a compliment. Is he truly an everyman in your locker room?”

Dodson said he completely agrees.

“I think that’s why he’s so successful because he doesn’t take it too seriously, you know?” the linebacker said. “I mean, Josh is a big kid. He doesn’t take anything serious. Like, if he asks you a question, do not answer it, because this guy probably going to make a ‘deez nuts’ question. I’d be like, I don’t answer questions when he asks me. I just walk away.”

Watch what Dodson and the crew had to say below, and watch the full episode here:

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