NFL Cuts Josh Allen Wanting ALL The Smoke, Jarring With Bengals DB After Playoff Touchdown Highlight

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Josh Allen wanted ALL of the smoke after finding the end zone in the first half against the Bengals on Sunday. But the NFL apparently didn’t want anyone to see.

Midway through the second quarter, Buffalo faced 3rd-and-goal from the 1/2-yard-line. Sean McDermott called a quarterback sneak, a play that saw a massive uptick in usage during the 2022/23 NFL season.

With the new rules that allow players to push ball-carriers forward from the back, there is no reason not to run a quarterback sneak in short yardage situations. Rarely, if ever, does the quarterback not fall forward for at least a yard.

Josh Allen had no issue getting in.

Allen plowed his way across the goal line for the Bills’ first score of the game. And as soon as he got clear of the pile, he started to talk his talk and things got chippy.

But when the official U.S. NFL Twitter account posted the highlight, it cut out the extra-curricular activity.

Fortunately, NFL Brasil was not nearly as stringent. It posted the entire clip, from snap to sideline.

In the Spanish broadcast highlight, Allen can be seen getting into it after the touchdown. He and Jessie Bates III were jarring in each other’s faces before an official pulled the latter away from the former.

Eventually, as the players continued to push and shove, Allen walked away. But Bates kept yapping until the quarterback was out of earshot.

Pretty lame move for the NFL to cut out the most exciting part of the entire play (unless you’re a Buffalo fan). And based on other touchdown highlights posted by the league, which typically show the celebration, it was a deliberate decision to end the highlight before Allen and Bates got up in each other’s grills.

BOO! The No Fun League strikes again.

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