Josh Allen Viciously Trolls Bryson DeChambeau Over His Inability To Walk Under A Rope

Josh Allen had a little bit of fun at Bryson DeChambeau’s expense on Sunday night. After beating the Ravens in the fourth quarter, the Bills quarterback showed off his ability to walk under a rope.

Earlier this year, DeChambeau proved why he is the most dramatic golfer on any tour. He is one of the many PGA Tour players who took the Saudi money and ran to LIV Golf when given the chance and has been a walking headline in the months since.

During LIV’s Chicago event, the 29-year-old hit a shot into the gallery. DeChambeau went over into the crowd, took his shot, and played it back into the fairway.

However, while walking back to his ball, he nearly died. Not really, but he made it seem like it.

DeChambeau did not notice the very blatant, obvious, hard-to-miss rope that separated the fan gallery from the course. Ropes just like it have been on the course at every event on any tour, pretty much ever. DeChambeau has been playing professional golf since 2016โ€” so he is well aware of the ropes.

And yet, he walked right into the rope. Rather than just playing it off as an embarrassing gaffe, DeChambeau made it seem like he was shot and cussed up a storm.

It was extremely embarrassing. DeChambeau should have just avoided the rope to begin with. But when he didn’t, he made a scene out of the situation instead of continuing on as usual.

In the wake of the incident, Justin Thomas and Shane Lowry teamed up to make fun of DeChambeau. He deserves every bit of slack that he has and will continue to get.

On Sunday, Josh Allen got in on the Bryson DeChambeau fun.

Following the win over Baltimore, the Buffalo signal-caller went to walk off of the field and saw a rope in front of him, similar to the one that nearly hung DeChambeau.

Rather than walking right into it and going down like he was hit in the head with a sledgehammer, Allen simply didn’t walk into the rope. Because he knew that it was there and avoided it.

In doing so, he took a hilarious, direct jab at DeChambeau. Allen covered his eyes and walked under the rope without looking.

Josh Allen can no-look walk under ropes while Bryson DeChambeau walks directly into them. Another tough look for the goofy golfer.

Written by Grayson Weir

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