Jorge Masvidal Rips Colby Covington: ‘He’s The King Of Calling Cops And Sucking C***s’

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Jorge Masvidal had some very blunt words for rival Colby Covington during a Wednesday press conference.

Masvidal will step into the octagon this weekend against Gilbert Burns at UFC 287, and ahead of the bout, the bitter rivalry between him and Covington, once again, was brought to the forefront.

The UFC veteran is facing charges after he allegedly attacked Covington outside a Miami restaurant after losing in the octagon. Covington has claimed the attack gave him a brain injury – a claim Masvidal made clear Wednesday he doesn’t believe.

During the press conference, Masvidal denied he did it and pointed to the fact the assailant was wearing a COVID mask – something he wouldn’t ever do – as proof of his innocence. Then he really cranked up the rhetoric with some R-rated comments.

Jorge Masvidal torches Colby Covington.

“Of course. He’s an attention seeking ass whore. He’s going to be there. From 100 feet away and 20 security guards, he’s going to be saying all types of crazy sh*t. That he’s the king of this and that. He’s only the king of calling cops and sucking c**ks,” Masvidal responded when asked if he thinks Covington will be in attendance Saturday.

Masvidal also claimed he doesn’t give a “flying f*ck” about whether or not he shows up.

Masvidal doesn’t have a filter.

Say whatever you want about Jorge Masvidal, but the one thing you can’t say is that he’s not a content machine.

Despite losing to Covington in the octagon, he talks some of the best trash in the UFC. Again, he’s facing felony charges for allegedly attacking his UFC rival.

Masvidal really doesn’t seem to care about the fact he could get in trouble over the alleged attack. His comments about not understanding the restraining order because he’s the “coolest guy” were another example of the fighter’s elite trolling skills.

Jorge Masvidal verbally torches Colby Covington. (Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Will Masvidal and Covington get back in the octagon? Seems unlikely until the legal process plays out, but Jorge Masvidal is certainly doing a great job of staying in the news. His trolling and trash talking remains grade-A. With a Saturday win over Gilbert Burns, he could really start to get things rolling again in the UFC.

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  1. I love Masvidal and his act. Him and covington got way to personal tho on both sides. Unfortunately Jorge is past his prime and is getting back pay for being underpaid for so long. Good for him. Always entertaining!!!

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