Magic’s Jonathan Isaac Joins Clay & Buck To Talk NBA Vaccine Mandate, Fake Narrative Formed Against Unvaccinated Players

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Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac joined The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show on Friday to discuss his newfound notoriety in the NBA for simply being unvaccinated.

Isaac shared his astonishment with the negative spin on unvaccinated players coming from the sports media, and how his message continually gets misconstrued. He also addressed the article released by Rolling Stone titled “NBA Anti-Vaxxers Are Pushing Around The League — And It’s Working.”

Rolling Stone had approached me through the team about talking about my vaccinated status,” Isaac said. “… And my words were completely twisted, my words were completely misrepresented in the article. And I was like, what is going on. That’s crazy. With so much craziness going on and people dying you would think that they would want to do a good job of sharing how it is that I felt.”

Clay and Buck asked the 24-year-old player on what motivated him to start his own research on the vaccine, expounding on the why that fuels his unapologetic message.

“This is bigger than a vaccine, this is bigger than basketball. This is about protecting the American people from what this thing snowballs into,” Isaac added. “So I went into even more of trying to understand things and understanding that the media hasn’t done a great job of protecting us.”

With a player like Kyrie Irving also being vocal on his unvaccinated status, losing tens of millions in salary along the process, people are starting to wake up to the message that these NBA players are fearlessly promoting.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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