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Jonathan Isaac Stands For God While His BLM Critics Burn Bibles And Feign Confusion

Total353 Jonathan Isaac nor his critics are difficult to understand. The 22-year-old Orlando Magic big man refuses to separate his religious faith from his actions or his interpretation of the Black Lives Matter movement. Isaac believes the blood of Jesus Christ shed at His crucifixion absolves sin and acceptance and practice of His Gospel is More

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Jason, thank you. It is becoming frightening how far anarchist members of BLM can push their agenda without being called out by the media. They can call to defund the police while children are murdered. They can shoot fireworks at law enforcement. They can burn bibles. They can throw Jonathan Isaac under the bus (Jonathan, a true hero who actually does go into his community to help). They can do all this, and yet, many in society still believe the BLM is actually about black lives. Recalling an earlier column you wrote, it truly is Orwellian. And very frightening.

  2. Keep pounding BLM and their cousin Antifa Jason! They are identical to the Weather Underground of the 60’s and early 70’s, MARXIST to the core. As a kid growing up then ,the push back was far greater against these communists, we have to push back much harder. I can’t believe how ” thoughtless ” and robotic these pro athletes are, totally devoid of any critical thinking. Ask the Cuban athletes who risked their lives on rafts to escape Castro and reap MLB riches. How about the great heavyweight Teofelio Stevenson (Ali like) who made nothing in Castro’s paradise. Countless Russian and Iron current athletes who attempted defection to flee socialism. Check your contract Mr. NBA player , it’s monopoly money even for marginal players. How pathetic that we’re talking about the one player that stood. As Lombardi said “what the hell’s going on out there”.

  3. Maybe BLM is like the Special Activities Division within the CIA, performing covert work with no visible ties to the Agency? Giving the impression it is a grassroots, genuine, aided by an aligned mainstream media, you can fool people into thinking they are really “fighting” for the betterment of society, but in actuality are a nefarious group with ill intentions.

    Great writing Jason. Powerful and moving testimony.

  4. Amen!! Praise the Lord agreed brother Whitlock. Narrow is the way. All these other guys tricked into the Marxists cult. Might as well give them the mark of the beast and call it a day. I lost respect for a lot of players. Lebron tries to act all angry what a joke.

  5. As a wise man said recently, beware the churches that baptize a baby one day and help pay for an abortion the next. There are far too many feel good Churches out there. People who consider themselves Christian, yet they have never read the Bible and their so called “Pastors” spend more time preaching diversity than scripture.

  6. It took a LOT of courage to Stand…Compare that to Brees folding like a cheap suit after critics were roasting him.

    Burning Bibles is showing tolerance, Right?

    Don’t know if our country can pull out of this power-dive.

  7. Wish the player had taken off his mask when he was commenting. People are hiding behind masks. I’m getting sick of asking people to repeat what they say, because the mask seems to block my ears from hearing what’s being said 👄

    What’s really interesting are the looks on other players faces as the guy stands. Some are annoyed. Some may be angry some look like they were duped. Duped by the mob. They are stuck wearing the stupid shirts. Wearing the stupid messages on their jerseys. Stuck.

    Meanwhile this guy is free to do what he likes. Socialism only works when everyone does what they are told. In this case, LeBron said ‘do it’, but he doesn’t have to.

    That’s how an autocrat works. An authoritarian does not kill you in front of people. He tricks you into believing something. He doesn’t believe it himself. And when you don’t comply, he will make you comply.

    I won’t be watching the NBA anymore.

    • One of the great Ironies of Joseph Stalin’s nightmarish rule, is the thousands of political prisoners who rotted and starved in the Gulags writing him letters asking for his help, thinking that they had surely been put there by mistake. The Soviet ideology was supposedly one of Universal Brotherly love, but in reality they murdered or imprisoned anyone they viewed as being a possible threat to their power. The dying prisoners were appealing to the same man who personally orchestrated their demise.

        • Yes Steve, without Hitler turning on Stalin and breaking the truce. It could have been almost impossible to take Germany from the southern front. The A bombs produced in Aug would have surely had to be used on Germany and WWll could have turned into the true nuclear war. But after the betrayal and defeat of the Germans in Russia, Stalin marched them all the way taking Berlin. He even declared war on Japan to help defeat them but we dropped the A bomb 2 days later. This destroying our history crap has to stop. Our history allows us to grow.

  8. If I were BLM and I wanted to maximize black support/votes, I would not be burning bibles publicly. Over 75% of black people are Christian. The leaders of BLM are so radical, they aren’t thinking their actions through. Just to be clear, I am not complaining about their missteps…

  9. I’m kinda mystified about all the race talk nowadays. Didn’t America nominate, and then elect a black man TWICE for President? How is it that Race talk got worse instead of better?
    What really mystifies me is a Black-centric league like the NBA is so militant about BLM and they don’t seem to have the curiosity to go on the BLM site and confirm for themselves what Jason wrote in this article about its founders’ background. I suspect that they really don’t know what they are supporting.

    God created us all. That’s good enough for me and, I suspect, for most Americans.
    I suspect the race talk is like that old magician’s trick using misdirection.”Look at me talking about Race so you don’t see me NOT talking about the interests of average Americans.

  10. I’d like to add a comment about the Bible-burning vid.
    The Bible has been the source of God’s wisdom for us, and our understanding of him, for thousands of years. Look at the statues being torn down and you see how fast culture can turn yet the Bible is so revered that the Dead Sea Scrolls contain word for word passages exactly like our modern-day Bible.
    If the Bible burners lived in Iran and burned a Koran they would be put to death.
    I pity the Bible burners more that have anger for them; they don’t know what they’re doing.

  11. Absolutely love this article. As a 22 year old man of faith just like Jonathan Isaac this article is inspiring and touches me. Keep up the great work Jason and hope I can keep helping you guys out. I loved the VIP meeting this morning.

  12. I grew up being bullied my entire childhood for being different. I know what that looks like and the current witch-hunt against people who don’t think the same, in perfect lockstep, matches perfectly the bullying I received as a child.

  13. LeBron worships Kap and his Chinese overlords. He needs to get investigated for perpetuating a fake hate crime. All he does is spew anger and creates more division. But what would you expect from someone who has been catered to his entire life and has trouble putting together a grammatically correct sentence?

  14. To paraphrase, MLK, the moral arc of the universe is bent towards justice. Getting rich from Slave Labor of a different race of people was immoral when plantation owners in America did it centuries ago. Getting rich from Slave Labor of a different race is immoral when Nike, LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick and Michael Jordan do it this century. At least the plantation owners centuries ago weren’t phony social just warriors.

  15. Don’t confuse Christianity with religion. Religion is a 2 hour weekly exercise to assuage a guilty conscience. Christianity is a 24/7 way of living and viewing life.
    Remember, Jesus was murdered by religious fanatics (Pharisees), and Jesus condemned them for their religious hypocrisy.
    Christ was NOT racist and being a Christian (follower of Christ) means not being racist either.

    Good job JW!

  16. All the SJW stuff is annoying and fake, of course, to anyone with functioning eyes, ears and brains.

    However, once this foolish wave fades away – and it will, very soon – I’m hoping that maybe there will be resulting conversations about the real stuff we should addressing:
    1. child sex trafficking;
    2. 9/11 truth;
    3. JFK truth;
    4. lotsa other truth – like Epstein, the Clintons, Obama, Benghazi, Biden and other Swamp entities;
    5. Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Waco, OKC……….

    Lebron says being black in America is getting hunted down every time you walk out the door… An epically irresponsible statement.

    How does his life compare to the lives ofthose young victims of the SWAMP pedophiles – regarding whom we never get to ask questions?!

  17. Thanks, Jason, for sharing these words with us. No matter what they say, everyone is religious about something. You know the difference between Religion and Christianity?
    Religion is spelled D-O. Christianity is spelled D-O-N-E.

    Religion says, “What do I have to DO to get in?” Which opens the door for man’s own drive, ambition and manipulation. I follow Jesus Christ because he wages war against the religion called sin in my head and in my heart.
    With Christianity, I have gratitude and joy for what’s been DONE on my behalf. And when we allow for grace to overtake our own personal agendas, leaning into the faith as you said, we act out of gratitude, and out of joy. So when I hear someone say, “I don’t like religion,” I say neither do I, but Christianity is different. It’s the difference between D-O and D-O-N-E.

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