Jon Morosi Says Dodgers Over Indians in the World Series

Major League Baseball opening day version 2.0 is today. The Yankees and Nationals and Giants and Dodgers face off tonight and we’ll finally be able to WATCH some baseball.

Jon Morosi joined Clay on Outkick to discuss all the details of the day as well as Mike Trout’s return after initial concerns about playing during the pandemic, the Blue Jays move, Mookie Betts, and his World Series picks.

“We heard Mike Trout come out last night and say that he is going to play after initially expressing some misgivings about the plan and playing the sport during the pandemic. You certainly have seen in the last week or so, the positive test rate for the tier one individuals, so the players and the close staff, was less than one 10th of 1% of all tests that were taken. That’s remarkable. That is a tremendous achievement. Obviously, it’s a lower rate than what you’re seeing in society at large right now and that is something baseball can be very proud of. In fact, Reese Hoskins, of the Phillies that was on a virtual roundtable this week with Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey and the Senator asked Reese Hoskins about how things are going and then Reese’s response was simply, ‘So far, so good senator.’ It was a very good answer and then he went on to explain that, initially, he was concerned and there was reason for concern when you consider that there were some delays in testing especially during that first week where results weren’t getting reported back on time and, there were some concerns by the players in the overall testing infrastructure. But, those concerns have, by and large, been addressed and reset. Now, he feels pretty confident that we’re going to be able to not just start the season but finish it, which is great. Really, Clay, from a practical standpoint, it’s a two-month window to make sure that all 30 teams can play the games they need to play, and then once you get to the playoffs you could probably be a little more flexible from geography. And, if you have to get to one particular location or two, maybe then you could have a similar bubble situation to what you’ve seen with the NBA and the NHL. But, I think overall, things have started out about as well as you could possibly expect in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Morosi also offered up his World Series picks for this season.

“Dodgers over the Cleveland Indians. That’s my pick. The Dodgers finally win it. They finally win their first World Series in 1988. But, I tell you what, the Cincinnati Reds are going to be an interesting team this year. I think they’re going to challenge the Dodgers in a really big way. But ultimately, the Dodgers are so deep they win, finally, their world series against Francisco Lindor and the Cleveland Indians.”

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Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP

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