Johnny Manziel’s Instagram Model Girlfriend Kenzie Werner Shows Off His ‘Favorite View’

It’s been a little while since Johnny Manziel and his Instagram model girlfriend Kenzie Werner were making headlines together. That doesn’t mean they’ve called it quits.

Earlier this week Werner decided to remind everyone, well her more than 44,000 Instagram followers anyway, that the two are still enjoying hanging out together. Her reminder on the social media app came with several looks at a see-through skirt she was rocking.

The location of the post is a Houston day and nightclub named Clé and the caption is, “Johnny’s favorite view.” Obviously the favorite view is a reference to Werner’s revealing outfit.

Manziel is still living his best life

Now before you go and get any wild ideas about the possibility that she’s talking about a different Johnny, she’s not.

To go along with her “Johnny’s favorite view” Instagram post, Werner shared a couple of videos in her story.

Our favorite Johnny makes appearances in both of the short videos. And the two of them still look very much like they’re enjoying each other’s company.

Call Manziel one of the biggest busts in NFL history if you want to. I choose to look at him as one of the biggest entertainers in the history of football.

Manziel was loved and hated like few others during his time on the field. He also entertained on and off it like no other.

All things considered, he seems to be doing just fine. Has he made some mistakes along the way? Sure he has, but who among us hasn’t?

Written by Sean Joseph

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