Johnny Manziel’s Backup Throws TD Then Lights Up Joint In Fan Controlled Football

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When it comes to quarterbacks, Fan Controlled Football’s Zappers definitely have a type.

Big arms and big joints being amongst the requirements for interested candidates.

Already rostering content machine, Johnny Manziel, the Zappers also employ Jason Stewart as a signal caller. Well, they did employ Stewart until he was cut after celebrating a touchdown pass by lighting up a joint and breathing in the moment.

“Smokin’ that Glacier pack,” said Stewart into an FCF camera seconds after throwing a strike. “Stay zapped, my friend. Stay zapped.”

Witness Stewart’s mid-game puff in the below video.

Stewart’s act of puffing on grass while standing on turf wasn’t his lone reason to feel high. The QB tossed three more touchdowns before the game concluded with a 44-14 Zappers win. Because of the FCF’s policy prohibiting weed in the arena, Stewart has since been cut.

Despite losing his job, Manziel’s 29-year-old backup, who was part of a trade package for Terrell Owens earlier in the month, took his walking papers in stride. Stewart tweeted in part: “Don’t feel bad about me getting cut. I’m doing just fine in life off the field.”

That comment came just two days after his unconventional on-field drag route, and an Instagram post advocating for marijuana.


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“I’m not saying Marijuana is right for everyone,” stated Stewart. “But their (sic) are people in this world that use it as a medicine.”

He’s got a joint, I mean point.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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