Johnny Manziel Goes to Cabo, Has (Fake) Longhorn Tattoo

Johnny Manziel continues to prove that his life is better than yours and mine.

Right now he’s on spring break in Cabo.

Which is probably a lot better than what you’re doing right now, pretending to work while reading Outkick the Coverage on a random Tuesday in March.

Yeah, Johnny wins.

So Johnny Manziel is in Cabo.

And he poses for a shirtless photo that is then emailed to Busted Coverage. (I’m personally looking forward to the eight topless girls he’s going to pose with later tonight.) The photo bounces around the Internet, and immediately our email blows up with links to TexAgs message board discussion: Manziel has a Texas Longhorn tattoo!

Why would Manziel have a Texas Longhorn tattoo?

Well, Manziel grew up a Longhorn fan before Mack Brown recruited him as a defensive back and A&M recruited him as a quarterback. (Fun fact: Mack Brown has recruited the last two Heisman winning quarterbacks as defensive backs). So maybe this Longhorn tattoo is real after all. Or maybe it’s the work of a photoshop artist: A scorned Texas fan, perhaps, who is insanely jealous of Texas A&M’s rise. Or, on the flip side, could it be an A&M fan who wants to gig Texas fans over their inability to even get Manziel signed despite the fact that he has a Longhorn tattoo on his chest.

Let’s go to as the mystery is debated by message board posters. 

It’s like CSI: Tattoo.

(Reading message board debates over whether something is real or fake is incredibly entertaining).

The consensus there: it’s fake.

But I’ve reached out to Gabe at and he’s not sure whether it’s fake or not. He’s actually contacted teammates to ask them whether the tattoo is real. Which has to be an awkward text message to send to another man. (Preliminary indictions: fake).

So now Johnny Manziel is so famous that people are photoshopping fake Longhorn tattoos on his body. Or he’s got a Longhorn tattoo and he just won the Heisman trophy at A&M.

Either way it’s fabulous.

But the best of both worlds? What if Manziel put a fake Longhorn logo on his chest just for this picture he posed for at spring break? Would you really put it past him? I wouldn’t. What if Johnny Manziel is taunting the hell out of Longhorn fans? If only the Longhorn logo was upside down.

Long Live Johnny Football. (And his fake/real Longhorn tattoo).


Johnny Manziel wins again and my best-case hypothesis was correct.

Per Manziel’s Twitter feed it’s a henna tattoo Longhorn that cost 150 pesos. He’s taunting the Longhorns from Cabo.

Golf clap.

Manziel wins.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.