John Wall Fires Back At James Harden Over Comments After Rockets Second Straight Blowout Loss

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James Harden’s comments that his team, the Houston Rockets, are “just not good enough” after the team’s second consecutive blowout loss have spread throughout the NBA.

“I love this city,” Harden said after Tuesday’s loss.

“I mean, this situation is crazy. I’ve literally done everything I can. I don’t think it can be fixed.”

Everyone knows that Harden isn’t happy in Houston and wants out, but a lot of his teammates do not feel the same way.

One teammate who is speaking out about Harden is John Wall. Wall openly discussed how difficult it has been to develop an on-court relationship with Harden.

“I think it’s been a little rocky, can’t lie about that,” Wall said. “I don’t think it’s been the best it could be, to be honest. That’s all I really could say.”

Wall’s comments could eventually spell doom for the Rockets, who have struggled out of the gate. With a 3-6 mark, they are in 14th place out of 15 in the Western Conference .

“When you have certain guys in the mix that don’t want to buy in as one, it’s gonna be hard to do anything special as a basketball team. …It hurts,” Wall said.

Expect wholesale changes in Houston if they can’t get these two on the same page. The team will probably try to deal Harden and get him out of their hair.

Written by Matt Loede

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  1. As a long time wizards fans, I understand the pain of John Wall. He never really developed or seemed to care to develop. He just kinda gave up on the team and collected a huge salary for doing nothing expect being a cheerleader in a custom suit. Not surprised about his Houston issues.

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