John Stockton Asked Questions, Now Labeled An Anti-Vaxxer

Social media caught wind Friday that NBA Hall-of-Famer John Stockton is featured in the new documentary, Covid and the Vaccine: Truth Lies, and Misconceptions RevealedThe doc has been promoted as anti-vaccine propaganda. Given Stockton’s former career, he broke an unwritten rule: he didn’t follow the lead.

While it’s doubtful Stockton has any value to add to the Covid conversation, the criticism arose from a video clip of mild commentary:

NBA Legend John Stockton Touts ‘Significant’ Research in New Anti-Vaccine Documentary: ‘The Guys Making Decisions’ Are Cheating Us


“This isn’t a virus cheating us of this opportunity,” Stockton says in the trailer. “It’s the guys making decisions saying, ‘No, no we’re too scared. We’re going to shut everything down. Sit in your house and be careful.’ My kids and my grandkids hearing these things and accepting them as truth when I know by my significant amount of research that it isn’t, it’s very frustrating.”

That’s it. That’s the clip that has social media calling Stockton an “anti-vaxxer.”

Come to think of it, everything Stockton says in that short clip — I have not seen the full doc — is correct. It is the guys making the decisions who are the problem.

Even the controversial documentary itself doesn’t appear problematic. On its website, the doc says it plans to ask the following questions:

  • “Do masks really work?”
  • “What is the real risk of dying from Covid?”
  • “How will we really know that a Covid vaccine is safe?”

Damn them.

How exactly is that anti-vaxxer propaganda? As always, don’t ask. Don’t even think about asking.

Those three questions should be answered. Multiple things are often true at once. The vaccine appears safe, yet questions remain. It’s not either-or, it never is. Of course there are questions. Yet we aren’t allowed to ask those questions.

In fact, we are not allowed to ask any questions until it’s too late. And those deciding what questions we may ask — Big Tech leaders, politicians, and “experts” — have proven track records of incompetence.

Then again, the Merriam-Webster dictionary changed its definition of “anti-vaxxer” to mean anyone who opposes laws that mandate vaccination. By that belief, Stockton likely is an anti-vaxxer. As am I.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Good if you want to slam an unapproved FDA medication into your body go right ahead on but I won’t and I am not antivax just anti this unapproved and rushed political one. I mean when you get a clown mayor of the largest city in the US slopping down fries and a burger to incentivize you know something is seriously wrong

    • Yeah or the governor of the largest, most left wing, restricted state so worried that he has a party with his pals at a 5 star restaurant with no masks or distancing while locking the whole state down tighter than a snare drum. If you don’t look sideways at all the covid hysteria after seeing these contradictory behaviors by people in the know I’m not sure what to tell you other than seek a therapist. We’re being lied to.

  2. ‘Covid and the Vaccine: Truth Lies, and Misconceptions Revealed.’ the documentary…

    I can’t find it on google or youtube.
    Would love to watch it. If anyone can lead me to it, please do?!
    Thanks, in advance…

  3. Mixon, Beasley, and now Stockton STEPPING UP and SPEAKING TRUTH?!!…
    With lots more on the way, no doubt..
    AWESOME!! This is what real leadership looks and sounds like..

    I’ve always believed: Sports, Music and Art will lead the way.
    Yes, the looney lefties know this and that’s why they’re relentlessly imposing their BS everywhere; but the reality is that most people can spot the truth versus the liars.

  4. A.It’s not a vaccine (until they changed the definition recently to make the Covid jab fit). It’s a synthetic pathogen injection treatment.
    B. It’s not authorized for use, only has Emergency Authorization.
    C. Long term clinical trials end in 2023.
    D. There are other effective treatments that should result in the EA removal, but the FDA and CDC stopped any trials to prove it. Thankfully other doctors and researches have.

    I’m glad someone with NBA ties has some common sense.

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