John Lynch Falls Face First In Biking Accident Right After 49ers Sign Deebo Samuel To Extension

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After the drama between the San Francisco 49ers and Deebo Samuel finally came to rest with him signing an extension, general manager John Lynch decided to get out of the house and go for a bike ride.

He probably wishes he just stayed inside.

Instead of meeting with the media in person to talk about Samuel’s new contract, Lynch elected to speak with the press via phone. He did so because he had a biking accident and his face took the brunt of the damage.

“I had a little biking incident — situation,” Lynch told the media. “Ironically right after we finished Deebo, Linda said ‘Time to get some fresh air.’ We went outside and I happened to land on my face. So I’m a little bruised up and not interested in becoming a meme going forward so I’m laying low for a little bit.”

Smart move by Lynch to avoid cameras after his accident, because he’s exactly right, the Internet would have immediately turned his newly damaged face into a meme.

His jumping on his bike without a helmet wasn’t a smart move, however. While a helmet may not have protected his face, he admitted he should have put on a helmet before hopping on the bike.

“Here’s my PSA announcement — I was not (wearing a helmet) and I paid for it,” Lynch explained. “I’m scheduled to be in Canton to support a couple of friends — Bryan Young and Tony Boselli. I don’t know. I can wear shades but I think I’m going to be answering so many questions I might just be better up here in my office.”

Lynch confirmed that his injuries weren’t all that serious, but his ego sounds like it took a bigger hit than his face.

Written by Mark Harris

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