John Daly & Kid Rock Enjoy The Debate, Dalton Cowboys Jerseys For Sale & Huge Parlay Hits On TNF

The Philadelphia Eagles are surging…here comes Wentz

OK, so it was one game against the Giants, but a late fourth-quarter win is still a win in the NFC East where a team can go on a two-game winning streak and pretty much open up an insurmountable lead over the filth that occupies that division. Carson Wentz is officially back after going 25 of 43 for 359, two touchdowns, and one INT. He also had a rushing touchdown. The biggest story in this game has to be the Boston Scott touchdown that led to some massive parlays hitting. Scroll down for that news.

These bizarro times in which we live couldn’t be any more bizarro than those people who still haven’t made up their minds about which candidate they’ll vote for in a presidential election that takes place in less than two weeks. Imagine getting behind one of these undecided voters in a fast-food drive-through line. Imagine being at a poker table with one of these undecided voters. Imagine going golfing with one of these undecided voters. I’m out. News reporters shouldn’t be asking these undecided voters which candidate won the debate. The reporters should be asking the voters how long it takes them to decide what to wear in the morning. PICK SOMETHING, you weirdos.

I heard back from a few of you on the topic of most miserable sports cities. Atlanta and Detroit were well-represented, thanks to this tweet from Ron Lewandowski, but so was Minneapolis. I had no idea there’s such a level of misery in the Twin Cities. I’ve been doing this internet job a long time, and this is the first I’m hearing of underlying Minneapolis fan misery. I’m starting to think the people of Minnesota are just too nice to get on sports talk radio and erupt like they do in Cleveland.

@ExTwinsNews writes: “We don’t show it. But here in Minnesota, we’re very miserable. We haven’t had a team make it to the big game since the Twins won the World Series in 1991. 0-4 in Super Bowls. 0-2 in Stanley Cups. 2-1 in World Series. And we have the Timberwolves.”

I guess the good news in Minnesota is that the long, dark winter is coming to brighten the mood around town.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Joe K: “I guess the good news in Minnesota is that the long, dark winter is coming to brighten the mood around town.”
    That’s a VERY FUNNY line, Joe…really good one!!!

    Big John and Kid Rock…NICE!!!

  2. I always wonder what a naked dude has gone through to get to the point of striding down the street. A lost bet? A bad meth trip? Woman dumped him? Atlanta blows 25 point lead midway through the 3rd quarter in the Superbowl?

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