A Barefoot John Daly Casually Rips Driver Over A Highway Onto A Football Field

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John Daly may be 56-years-old, but he’s still got the urge to hit bombs from absolutely anywhere.

In Akron, OH this week for the Senior Players Championship, Daly decided to put on a show for a few fans in a random parking lot overlooking a highway.

Daly took out his bag, grabbed his driver, threw his sandals off, and put a tee in the ground. He proceeds to go full-throttle with his swing and sends the golf ball over the highway and onto a high school football field.

Most golfers have attempted, or at least wanted to attempt, some sort of shot like this over a busy street. The difference here is John Daly is John Daly, and he’s got plenty of experience pulling off ridiculous shots with driver in hand.

You and I would most likely catch the ball a bit low on the face and catch a windshield of a car down below, but not Big John.

Daly has been playing some pretty strong golf on the PGA Tour Champions circuit so far this year. He picked up his lone Top 10 finish on the season in his last start last month. He was disqualified from an event earlier in the year, and withdrew from another, but he’s made the cut in nine of his 10 starts this season.

The living legend recently told Tomi Lahren that if the PGA Tour let him play drunk, and barefooted, he would’ve won a lot more tournaments.

Written by Mark Harris

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