John Calipari Deserves Academy Award For Hilariously Inflated Comments About Terrible Louisville Basketball

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Louisville basketball is abysmal, but Kentucky head coach John Calipari did his best to give them as much credit as he could. The 63-year-old deserves the Oscar for ‘Best Leading Actor’ for his performance.

John Calipari is being very respectful to Louisville, even if they don’t deserve it. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Now, considering that the Wildcats and Cardinals have played 53 times on the hardwood since their first meeting in 1913, anything can happen. Records are thrown out of the window during rivalry games, especially between in-state opponents, and the two are set to play again on Saturday.

However, Louisville is really, really bad. That is what makes Calipari’s extremely positive, uplifting comments so funny.

Here is what John Calipari had to say:

Calipari had nothing but good things to say about the rivals and their first-year head coach Kenny Payne. He even said that the game is one that Louisville “expects to win.”

That is true. No team enters a game expecting to lose. Especially one of such passion.

But with that being said, let’s take a look at the Cardinals in 2022:

  • Season-opening home loss to Bellarmine, which trolled Louisville with Jack Harlow.
  • One-point home loss to Wright State.
  • One-point home loss to App State.
  • 26-point neutral site loss to Arkansas.
  • 32-point neutral site loss to Texas Tech.
  • 19-point neutral site loss to Cincinnati.
  • 25-point home loss to Maryland.
  • 27-point home loss to Miami.
  • 22-point road loss to Florida State.
  • 11-point home WIN! over Western Kentucky.
  • Six-point home WIN! over Florida A&M.
  • Eight-point home loss to Lipscomb.
  • 12-point road loss to N.C. State.

Not one of those scores, outside of the two wins over bad programs, are encouraging. There is no hope for Louisville to find any success in 2022.

Kentucky, the No. 19-ranked team in the country, is 8-4. The four losses came against Michigan State, Gonzaga, UCLA and Missouri.

While the loss to the Tigers was dissapointing, the Wildcats are a national championship contender. They will have no issue handling the Cardinals and everybody knows it.

Except Calipari. He doesn’t want his guys to overlook Louisville, so he gave one of the country’s worst teams as much praise as humanly possible. Incredibly well done. Saban-esque.

The Academy Award goes to…………………

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. I saw a high school coach pull this routine once.

    His praise was so effusive that a reporter asked if the coming opponent was missing anything. “Yeah, a cape. They’re a superteam.”

    Reporters couldn’t help, they busted out laughing.

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