Joey Chestnut Dominates Cavs Fans In Eating Contest, Avenges Recent Loss

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Competitive eater Joey Chestnut is back on top of the mountain thanks to a pierogi-filled visit to Cleveland.

Just days after Joey “Jaws” suffered a Mike Tyson-to-Buster Douglas-like defeat at an Indianapolis shrimp cocktail competition, Chestnut avenged his loss and again tasted victory. The 15-time Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest champion bested a trio of Cavs fans in an eating contest that was held during halftime of Tuesday night’s Lakers – Cavs game.

Chestnut and his competition were tasked with housing as many pierogies as possible within two minutes. And Joey Chestnut didn’t dissapoint.

Likely still struggling to swallow his recent Indianapolis defeat, Chestnut slugged down 47 ‘rogies. The other three competing Cavs fans plowed through 33 pierogies – COMBINED.

Joey Chestnut Continues His Dominance

The fact that Chestnut so dominated the competition in front of thousands of Cavs fans shouldn’t come as a surprise. Joey Jaws is the Michael Jordan of competitive eating (wait, did you think I was going to reference another famous #23 there)? Aside from hot dog consumption, Chestnut holds eating records for more than 50 different foods, including but not limited to: Mutton sandwiches, deep-fried asparagus and Twinkies.

Now 39-years-old, Chestnut began his competitive eating career in 2005. He did so while simultaneously attending San Jose State University. Though one would assume Chestnut would’ve aced a Culinary Arts program, or even Waste Management, he actually received an Engineering and Construction Management degree.

Joey Chestnut won another competitive eating competition. (Photo by YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images).

Cavs Fans Get Their Title

Following Chestnut’s dominating performance, the Cavs gifted him with a title belt. I have no idea what that title belt signifies other than him being the Pierogi King of Cleveland, at least for a day. And hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Joey Chestnut’s win provided Cleveland fans with their first title since the Cavs won the NBA championship in 2016. And this one was arguably as impressive, if not more, than that Cleveland team’s victory over Golden State.

Finally a King Cleveland can be proud of.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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