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Joel Klatt Talks Indiana-Ohio State And Big Ten Football

Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt joined Clay on OutKick this morning to discuss all things Big Ten football.

Clay: “Indiana, Michael Penix Jr., phenomenal display that he put on on Saturday. You guys had an outstanding game. I know that Indiana was down 21 a couple of different times. They finally got the ball back with a chance to try to tie it or maybe go for two at the end. What did you leave feeling like you had seen? Three interceptions from Justin Fields. Probably his worst game, I think it’s probably fair to say, as an Ohio State starting quarterback. What’s the big takeaway from that game?”

Joel: “Yeah, I mean, it was a great game. They were down 28. It was 35-7 after the first series of the second half. And I got that feeling that Ohio State just kind of put it in cruise control. And that’s the thing about, like, Indiana and in particular, Michael Penix. They don’t really care the way that it looks, and they’re going to continue to fight, and they’re going to continue to play well, and they’ve got some really good players. Penix not only was great. Ty Fryfogle was unbelievable. The wide receiver had well over 220 yards. He was terrific in a big matchup against Shaun Wade, which was supposed to be Ohio State’s top corner and one of the top corners in the country. And Fryfogle just absolutely torched him. Penix is so impressive, and he has been all year. I know that it was probably more of a coming-out party for him because it was a big game. It’s a big rating. And I understand that, but he did a similar thing in that last series against Penn State where he had guys hanging all over him and he was making throws. It’s very rare where I see a college quarterback that really impresses me with his anticipation.

“I get impressed with athleticism all the time, arm strength all the time. You know, all the coaches always talk about, ‘He’s such a strong leader’ and blah, blah, blah. I mean, you can imagine, right? I hear the exact same thing over and over and over every week from every coach about their quarterback. But when I turn on the tape, I generally don’t, in college, see a large amount of anticipation. And this guy throws the ball before the wide receiver’s out of his break constantly. And it was something that jumped off the tape to me. I was excited to watch him play, in particular against what I felt like was going to be the best defense that he was going to face all year. And he went out there and played a brilliant game. And I know we’re talking about just him. I will tell you that Ohio State has got to be concerned with their pass defense after what Penix was able to do. I mean, they had no run game whatsoever, and Ohio State still didn’t have an answer for their pass game. They ran the ball for negative yards and threw the ball for over 400. So, Ohio State’s got to be concerned about the back end. And meanwhile, Indiana’s got to feel really good about their chances in every game that they’re gonna play from here on out, even a game against Wisconsin.”

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP

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