Joel Embiid Expects Major Shakeup In Philadelphia: ‘Anybody Can Get Traded’

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76ers star big man Joel Embiid is likely safe in Philadelphia. His teammates however, not so much.

Though Embiid has been pleased with the team’s roster construction under general manager Daryl Morey, he’s well aware that Philly can’t compete for a title as currently assembly. And the center, who was named All-NBA Second Team on Tuesday, expects Morey and staff to shake things up ahead of next season.

They [the front office] have a lot of decisions to make,” Embiid said per Bleacher Report’s Bryan Toporek. “In this league, anybody can get traded.”

Embiid knows that well. He’s witnessed high-profile teammates Ben Simmons and Andre Drummond get shipped out of town. And now he has James Harden as a teammate, the most recent piece in a flurry of Morey activity. Those moves, along with the others orchestrated since Morey’s arrival in the fall of 2020 have left Embiid confident in what’s to come.

“Since Daryl has gotten here I think he’s done a fantastic job,” Embiid told reporters earlier this month. “Coming in, obviously bringing in Seth [Curry]. Seth was a huge part of what we did. And bringing in Andre [Drummond] which he helped us a lot.”

“I think since they got there, since Daryl has gotten here, he has done a good job as far as team-building,” added Embiid.

Despite the disappointing end to Philly’s season and seemingly certain roster changes ahead, Embiid plans to focus only on what he can control. “There’s a lot of questions that can be asked,” said Embiid. “…it’s not my job to figure (those roster questions) out. It’s my job to work hard.”

He later added: “What I can control is just work harder and just get better every single year.”

After yet another earlier than expected playoff exit, he’ll have plenty of time to do so.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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