Joel Dahmen Hits Fan With Errant Tee Shot At PGA Championship, Promptly Pays For Their Overpriced Beer

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Joel Dahmen hit a fan with a tee shot during his Wednesday practice round at the PGA Championship but was able to quickly ease the fan’s pain in the form of cold beer.

Anyone who attends a professional golf tournament runs the risk of being hit by a golf ball. Even the best players in the world can get a little loose off the tee, and a man by the name of Caleb McGuire learned that the hard way.

Typically, whenever a player hits a fan they’ll sign a glove or ball and toss it to them with an apology. Dahmen took a different, much more enjoyable approach. Seeing that McGuire was holding a beer in his hand, he asked him how much beers cost at the event. When he told Dahmen that cold ones were a whopping $17 a piece, the beloved PGA Tour player handed him a $100 bill and said beers are on me.

I think a large majority of fans at the PGA would take a golf ball to the calf for $100 in beer money, I know I would.

Dahmen isn’t one to say no to a cold beverage as was evident during the first season of ‘Full Swing’ on Netflix.

One of the most memorable moments of the first season came during his U.S. Open qualifying round. After having a not-so-stellar opening 18 holes in the 36-hole qualifier, Dahmen took down a few White Claws with his lunch before lighting up his next 18 holes and punching his ticket into the major championship.

It was already impossible to not love Dahmen, and this latest gesture will only grow his brand.

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