Joe Rogan Says ‘Pioneer’ Howard Stern Has Gone Woke And ‘It’s Crazy’

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Joe Rogan is what Howard Stern used to be. He’s independent. He’s unpredictable. He does not concern himself with fitting in with the popular.

Like Stern, he reached superstardom by virtue of the rest of the industry’s disconnect from the average man.

But Rogan and Stern are hardly comparable today. While Rogan reminds listeners of Howard Stern in the 1990s, he’s the antithesis of what Stern has become.

Rogan spoke about the evolution of Stern on his podcast Saturday.

“Look — what he did — I mean, look, people to this day, they make fun of Howard Stern cause of who he is now and the way he behaves now. That guy’s the man,” said Rogan.

“He was the f*cking pioneer — when he was the king of all media and he was telling everybody to suck his d*ck. And the FCC was going after him. The government was fining him. They were fining his businesses, f*cking millions of dollars. And he was out there doing wild shit on the radio,” Rogan added.

“And now he’s woke,” Rogan said. “It’s crazy.”

Well said.

Perhaps there’d be no Joe Rogan or Dave Portnoy were it not for Howard Stern. He, as Rogan states, was the “pioneer” for untraditional, anti-establishment media.

Unfortunately, as Rogan also states, “woke” is the most astute word to describe the current state of Howard Stern.

Joe Rogan on Howard Stern.

As Rogan Pointed Out, This Is A Much Different Howard Stern

Stern made a career mocking the very industries of which he’s now a sniveling shill: Big Business, Big Government, and Big Media.

Had the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in ’97, Stern would have been the first to question the government overreach, mandates for a novel vaccine, and the locking down of healthy adults and children.

Yet, from 2020 to present day, Stern has called for the removal of unvaccinated players from the NFL, for Oprah Winfrey to atone for hosting a get-together without masks, and for more stringent punishments for the non-boosted.

The virus still has him hunkered down in his basement.

Literally, he has left his house to meet with pals just once since 2020:

Last week, HBO host Bill Maher spoke about the realization he will never see Stern in person again:

“And I don’t think I’ll ever see [Stern[ again because I don’t think he’ll ever leave the house because he’s what? No, you know, he’s very, very — look, I don’t want to judge it, but he’s scared of germs.”

Meanwhile, it was Joe Rogan who most notably opposed the draconian response to Covid — resulting in corporate media smear campaigns, not dissimilar to those of which Howard Stern was long the target.

From pioneer to woke, no doubt.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Used to be one of the funniest shows around. I would get up early just so I wouldn’t miss the show. Then he went crazy with the covid stuff and masks and I just quit listening. He’s already dead to me. The show is dead.

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