Joe Rogan Reacts To Female-Led Miller Lite Ad: ‘I Hate Identity Politics With A Passion’

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Joe Rogan wasn’t impressed with Miller Lite’s female-dominated ad.

The popular beer company released an ad a couple months ago that focused on getting rid of women in bikinis as advertising material, and instead, focusing on women’s role in creating beer and playing a part in the production process.

The ad went largely unnoticed, but in the frenzy surrounding Bud Light, someone dug it up and the rest is history. Opinions are all over the place – check out some great reactions from OutKick’s Bobby Burack and Amber Harding – and Rogan knows exactly what side he’s on.

He’s 100% out on Miller Lite using identity politics to sell beer.

Joe Rogan crushes Miller Lite

“I hate identity politics with a passion. I really do. It’s so stupid. Human beings made beer. Okay. And some human beings look good in bikinis. It’s like, what are we doing? … ‘Women do it! Women do it! Women do it!’ I’d like to see a pie chart of how many women are actually involved in making beer or drinking beer,” Rogan said when reacting to the ad.

The popular podcaster also noted women wear “bikinis because they look great.” That’s a stance you won’t find too many OutKick readers disagreeing with.

Rogan’s Miller Lite take seems pretty rational

At the end of the day, identity politics is a cancer on society. Judging people by race or sex simply divides people, and when beer ads focus on identity politics, it’s going to make people cringe at best or get outraged at worst.

Now, at least Miller Lite didn’t team up with Dylan Mulvaney. Bud Light is still getting obliterated for that decision.

Sales are down and the pressure campaign doesn’t seem close to stopping. Go woke, go broke. Again, Miller Lite’s pales in comparison to Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney disaster, but identity politics is so stupid.

Plus, haven’t we been told for decades that women wearing whatever they want should be celebrated? If a woman wants to rock a bikini and crush a beer, isn’t that something to celebrate? It’s that spirit that separates us from the unwashed criminals in ISIS. In this country, we celebrate freedom, and that includes the freedom to shotgun a beer while bikini-clad at Myrtle Beach.

Joe Rogan drags Miller Lite for female-led ad. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Joe Rogan continues to be a rational voice, and it looks like that’s definitely not changing when it comes to beer.

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