Joe Rogan Explains Why Liberals Are Fans Of Fat & Lazy People

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On his latest episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” your podcasting hero wasn’t in the mood to mince words on why Democrats are such big fans of fat and lazy people.

Rogan explained on Wednesday’s podcast that catering to fat and lazy YAAASSSS QUEEENS & Kings is actually the Democratic Party’s strategy to win elections. Stand-up comedian Bridget Phetasy joined Rogan for the show and asked, “Aren’t they connecting being healthy to the far-right now?”

“I’ve seen so many articles that are like ‘oh the far-right obsession with being in shape,’ like it’s a bad thing somehow,” she continued.

Annnndddddd Rogan was in the mood to go off.

In his latest podcast, Joe Rogan has a few thoughts on why liberals don’t have a problem with being fat & lazy. / “The Joe Rogan Experience”

This might as well be a bloody red elk meat subject for Rogan. It’s like Tiger Woods stepping up to a Par 5 tee box when he needs a birdie to win a golf tournament.

“There’s a giant percentage of our population that is really lazy and fat, and if you want those people on your team you have to say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with being lazy and fat, in fact; not being lazy and fat is actually connected to misogyny, racism, and fascism, and the far right’ – so people are like, ‘Oh great, let’s just eat donuts and just f***ing vote blue.,'” Rogan riffed.

Hold up, Phetasy fired back, aren’t there fat and lazy people on both sides of the aisle? “That’s why I always joke that America is too fat for a civil war,” she noted while wondering if there’s a breakdown of the fat and lazy people and how they vote.

Rogan countered that there are hard-working people who are fat because they eat a ton and drink too much.

Yeah, but do the Dems really have the fat and lazy vote locked down?

“Well, who is pushing for universal basic income? Who is pushing for the redistribution of wealth? That’s all the people on the left,” Rogan argued.

However, the UFC color analyst isn’t completely against helping those who are down in the dumps and need to be lifted up.

“There’s without a doubt, people in society who need help. And to say all those people who need help are lazy is crazy. People do not start at the same spot on the race. The starting block is different for different people depending on where you were born, the neighborhood you live in, the family you’re from,” Rogan continued, but his problem is that at some point people are disincentivized to keep trying to rise up to be better.

And if you want to hear Rogan talk about eggs, you’ll want to hang tight to the 1:15:00 mark when the talker dives into one of the biggest stories of our times.

By the 1:19:00 mark, Rogan wants to talk about the Ohio railroad atom bomb and Mayor Pete.

It’s an action-packed podcast.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I used to be a “fatty.” I used millions of excuses to feed my addiction. Now, with where I am PHYSICALLY, I will never go back.. I’m 185 now (where I was as a senior in High School) and 10 years ago, I was 272. I was eating really GREAT food that was ENGINEERED to be awesomely delicious — but it is also POISON. I feel sorry for fatties because they don’t realize they have been made to be addicted to food that is killing them.

    If it comes in a Bag, Can, or Box or if it is handed thru a drive-thru window — don’t eat that shit!

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