Joe Rogan Destroys Doctor Talking Low Risk Of COVID For Kids

On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan sat with medical advisor and CNN contributor Dr. Sanjay Gupta and gave him some common-sense questioning, which stumped the doctor.

In the midst of children getting subject to mandatory vaccine policies, Rogan asked Gupta if unvaccinated children were theoretically less at risk of serious effects from COVID than a healthy, vaccinated adult. Dr. Gupta tried to finesse around the question, but only sounded confused.


With nearly 500 deaths among minors recorded out of the millions of cases since March 2020, Rogan questioned Gupta on whether the concern should then shift to focusing on adverse effects from the vaccine on children. Several Nordic countries paused administration of the Moderna vaccine after signs of increased heart inflammation among boys, ages 12-17.

Rogan also asked Gupta on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s gain of function funding with the Wuhan lab that started the COVID pandemic.

“They applied for a grant to specifically do — to insert a furin cleavage site — which is that particular part of the virus that raised so much concern,” said Gupta. “I don’t know sometimes what to do with this. It’s highly suspicious.

“I think the NIH is clearly funding EcoHealth Alliance and EcoHealth Alliance is clearly giving grants to Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Rogan is on point here. The American Academy of Pediatrics only reports 542 child deaths for the entire pandemic [1] while the CDC has already reported 6600 vaccine breakthrough deaths [2]. Even accounting for the difference in population sizes between children and adults, that’s a dramatic difference. And it only becomes more dramatic when you consider the fact that the vaccines have been widely available for less than half the duration of this pandemic.

    The reality is children have demonstrated a remarkable ability to fight off this virus on their own. The average unvaccinated child is at significantly lower risk than their fully-vaccinated parents. To say we need a mask mandate in schools to protect our unvaccinated children is absurd.

    That said, I wish Rogan would have actually let Gupta talk. He kept cutting him off and preventing him from finishing his thought. I have no doubt Gupta would have dug himself into a hole if Rogan just gave him some time to dig.


  2. I don’t understand vaccinating children for covid when the vast majority have few if any symptoms and a greater risk of drowning. The shots in the other hand, we have no idea what effect they might have on a child’s development or long term health 2-3 or 10 years down the road. It’s clearly not worth the risk, but some people are doing it anyway. It blows my mind how so many have completely lost their rational minds in the last 2 years.

  3. Out of the 542 deaths, 45% are kids who died with Covid not from Covid. Like if a kid dies in a car accident but resented positive post death. Then after those 45% the rest are kids that had terminal cancer or other really bad health problems. So it’s Almost 100 percent that kids won’t die from Covid. Also on Rogans podcast with Alex Berenson the day before Guptas , Berenson showed stats from the UK which state that 70% of Covid deaths there in the month of September were fully vaccinated people. You won’t here about any of this stuff here because the media is part of the cult of Covid.

  4. The statement that 70% of the deaths in the UK during September were “fully vaccinated” people is an example of misinformation. First, no vaccine is perfect, so trying to imply that the vaccines do not work because some break-through deaths occur is simply wrong. For very old and immune-compromised people, and for people who have not completed the two-week period after receiving the second shot, the vaccine cannot be expected to prevent all deaths. Further, the UK data for the first 7 months of the year show that less than 1.2% of the COVID deaths can be attributable to those people who have been vaccinated. Finally, when adjusted for age, the data are indisputable….unvaccinated people die at much, much higher rates than those who have been vaccinated.

    • The biggest problem is that they don’t want to show the real data, every group (and I mean EVERY group) seems to want to cherry pick the data. So we don’t really have the numbers to see what the truth is.

      • Well, then maybe we should look to real life examples instead of the data. Sweden is 100% open. No masks. No vax requirements. Nothing. Florida and Texas are far lower in infection rates and deaths than New York, Michigan, and other states that tell people to obey the mandates or they will kill thousands. Hell, even CNN can’t hide it anymore:

        At this point, the Democrats and progressives pushing the mandates are telling you the emperor’s new clothes are amazing. And if you dare to say he has no clothes, you are the problem.

  5. Gupta is a fraud just like CNN. He’s been caught plagiarizing and doesn’t seem like he actually cares about the truth or helping people. Pushing the Vaxx is a crime against humanity, especially pushing it on children. Data from other countries all are saying the same thing. The more people are vaccinated the more Covid there is. You can’t trust any of the US data because the CDV has purposely corrupted it.

  6. Because SCieNcE commands progressives to order children to wear masks as the same progressive adherents of SCieNcE throw lavish parties, attend nightclubs, or go to expensive dinners, unmasked, with their fellow adherents of SCieNcE. And if you point that out, you are attacking SCieNcE and must be censored. SCieNcE commands it!

    The Democratic Party at this point could tell people that they can not wear jeans on Tuesday and must sing A-Ha’s “Take on Me” once an hour, lest they be struck down by the deadly COVID. And progressives would not only believe it, but tell those who don’t that THEY are the dumb ones.

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