Joe Rogan Weighs in on Chris Cuomo Fake Weight Allegations

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Even Joe Rogan is breaking down Weightgate.

For a refresher: professional bodybuilder Marc Lobliner has accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother of lifting fake weights in a strange viral clip.

Chris “Primetime” Cuomo, who is busy fighting with Ted Cruz and flexing on TikTok, has yet to address the scandal.

Rogan stood up for the animated CNN host, claiming:

“Chris Cuomo is, I’m Italian I can say this, he’s a guinea. A lot of those guineas are stupid strong, they’re monkey strong. A lot of them. There was a guy that used to run a sandwich shop by our house, who could curl his own body weight ten times. Nobody believed him, and this guy barely lifted weights, and he did it before a wrestling meet…and he wound up losing the wrestling meet. It was like a legend in the town, because his arms were blown out because he made like a hundred bucks on a bet, showing people that he can curl his bodyweight ten times.”


Rogan is an outlier. His perspective is usually interesting and thought-provoking, but this take is as bad as it gets.

“You can do that,” Rogan asserts. No, you can’t.

No wonder a bunch of random social justice warriors at Spotify are trying to censor this guy.

By the way, fake or real, I still can’t figure out the appeal of a guy lifting a weight while typing on a computer.

Even if a guy could do that — and Cuomo can’t — why would he want to?

Any thoughts on those moves, Joe?

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Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. The video on that Joe Rogan link is outrageous. The weight lifting starts at the 2:40 mark. The dude is going from shoulder press to curls like he’s holding a teacup and Joe says “that’s real” and thinks it might weigh 100lbs. Just look at the comments under that video for all you need to see.

  2. I personally have no respect for Cuomo or his brother…….but why is this even a story? Who cares if it’s real or not? Cuomo is smart enough to know that, real or not, the indoctrinated, uneducated, uninformed sheeple who watch CNN will think it’s real and that’s the only crowd Cuomo cares to try to impress.

  3. Nice update, Mr. Burack. I needed a humorous diversion, this morning.

    I guess Rogan isn’t worried about the Outkick axiom, “go woke go broke”, since he already cashed in.
    New woke verb: spotified, as in, Rogan has been spotified.

  4. Rogan knows or should know that ain’t real its fake as hell i’ve been around gyms long enough to know not even close but i agree who really cares and Joe come on man

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