Joe Montana: Coronabro?

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Joe Montana sat down this week to do an interview with Sports Pulse, a USA Today site and had some interesting thoughts on playing during COVID and athletes becoming social justice warriors. Montana, who turned 64 this summer, says he most likely would’ve opted out of playing college football in the fall if it was up to him and he had eligibility in 2020.

“For me, I think I would’ve gone after the safety of my health first, in the end,” Joe Montana told USA TODAY Sports. “Because we’re not talking about the flu or a cold. This thing is killing people everywhere and not by one or two here and there. We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds a day, thousands.” In an interview with Yahoo! Sports, Montana said “I’m not sure I would,” when asked whether he’d suit up. “Even though I love the game, at some point in time you need someone that can step in and say, ‘You know, this is crazy.’”

In his USA Today interview, Montana worried about how football will be able to prevent outbreaks when so many bodies are in play.

“All I can tell you is look at baseball and baseball isn’t even a contact sport and look at the troubles they’ve had right away in trying to control it,” Montana said. “How many players are on a baseball team? Twenty-something? In college, it’s at least double that, if not more and double that in the NFL. In college you’re talking 70, 80. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you keep them all safe, because as soon as practice is over, they go their own way.”

As for guys becoming social justice warriors, Montana seemed to like it.

“Everybody has their beliefs and things need to change,” he said. “It’s great to see these guys coming together and using it in other ways also.”

Montana starts discussing playing football in the fall at the 12:00 mark:

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  1. Gotta say it…you guys are outta control.
    Do you even hear what Joe is saying?
    I’m really getting WAY TIRED of the coronabro BULLSHIT.
    I know Clay loves it cuz it helps his brand…and maybe sell some t-shirts, but C’MON MAN…perfect example of ADULT PEER PRESSURE to pretend we’re bulletproof.
    You guys gotta get a grip.

    • Here the point. Montana asks a question, rhetorically I assume, about how “we’re supposed to keep the ALL safe.” Well, you can’t and that’s the point. Also, he lazily asserts that this is not like the flu and that people are dying, so this is serious stuff. Again, nuance does not appear to be Joe’s strong suit and he doesn’t understand that people DIE from the flu (with no pearl-clutching, though from the media and academics and Democrats, etc.,) every year and healthy young people, with a modicum of common sense oversight, will NOT be dying from this thing. If Montana is going to open his yap he needs to be responsible for what comes out of it, and use a little data for fuck sake. This is not about being bulletproof. It’s about calling bullshit on politicizing a pandemic and separating fact from fiction and hysteria from reason.

      • Its no coincidence that the power brokers of the Big 10 are lifelong academics turned college administrators, hailing from states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and PA, a demographic that is as anti Trump as you could possibly be.

    • Hey Chris…Phil…Feddy,
      I got a bit carried away with that comment…I’m sorry, I should have been a little more laid back, but I always do think of these remarks and comments as if we were sitting around the fire pit with maybe a BudLite or whatever works for you guys. Once again…sorry.

    • Hey Chris…Phil…Feddy,
      I got a bit carried away with that comment…I’m sorry, I should have been a little more laid back, but I always do think of these remarks and comments as if we were sitting around the fire pit with maybe a BudLite or whatever works for you guys. Once again…sorry.

      • Rick, a respectful difference of opinion should be welcomed. You are all good bro.

        This Virus is serious, like you say wear the mask, social distance, do what you can to avoid the transmission. But by all means live your life to the fullest otherwise. I have been watching a lot of Euro soccer the past few months, and they have had virtually no COVID related problems. Which makes me very optimistic about having Football this fall. Isolate the players as much as possible, test the players each day and quarantine the sick ones. Otherwise get on with it.

  2. Ain’t NO-BOD-EEE wearing’ coironabro t-shirts.
    Anybody…who’s wearing’ ’em???
    Give it a rest…we gotta move on with LIFE…wear the fukkin mask indoors…rip it off outside (like I do) and move on. That’s one of Clay’s favorite pieces of advice…MOVE ON!!!

  3. I love the coronabro Clay although my personal term of affection is rona it’s just shorter and easier.I follow all the guidelines mask,distance,hands good common sense stuff but i do know a couple front line RN’s in hospitals and they confirm numbers are way inflated hospitals get more cheddar if it’s a rona. I believe it should be an individual choice to play or not actually anything go to stores or not you choose. Joe Montana is an all timer and one of my faves and i think if he was still in college would be one of the first on the field.

    • I agree. Joe is looking at the past through today’s lenses. This is a mistake. Kind of like judging historical figures against today’s mores and not the mores of their time – even good-hearted people appear to be awful human beings.

  4. this is the difference between essential, and non essential; ‘this thing is killing people everywhere’ isnt really accurate in the context that he meant because he was thinking that its killing random people on street corners. additionally, those that choose to suit up are either ‘working’ or ‘attempting to work’ joe has millions so doesnt remember his past and how he was almost a forgotten dude….a guy who has milions cant relate to a guy who needs opportunity now, and who has potential..luv you Joe, but youre off

  5. NPC opinions from someone who lives their lives by the headlines rather than the data.

    So despite the thousands of coronavirus deaths per day which is the common talking point for covid fear mongers – is that between the ages of 15-24 there have been 225 deaths. Yes, 225. To put that into context in 2015 influenza was the cause of 184 deaths in the same age group. In the contrast, Underage drinking kills on average 3000 young people a year. And we all know what really happens at the college. So essentially, we are shutting down sports for something only slightly more dangerous the flu.

  6. Everyone just needs to decide their own reality. I’m not listening to celebrities who made millions entertaining us. Our country is so up the ass of celebrities it’s insane. Joe can say whatever he wants and so can I and so can Clay. Anyone can! Wear a mask and don’t wear one. Who cares! We are free Americans. You do you and I do me. It should always be that simple!

    • Agreed, Ricky had it right when he said “most of you Hollywood actors have spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg. They have opinions, just like anyone. I don’t care what Joe’s opinion on anything not related to football would be. He bombed on TV as an analyst for a reason. Great QB, great dude, not someone I want life advice from other than how to run the West Coast offense, and how to spot John Candy in a crowd.

  7. If journalism still existed, the follow up question would be why he would reconsider playing under the threat of a virus that has killed 0.0 athletes, but would still consider playing knowing the real threat of CTE which has resulted in the death of multiple football players over the years, and debilitating injuries to countless others?

    Other than that, just because Joe Montana was a legendary football player doesn’t mean his opinion on topics outside his expertise as a quarterback is any more valuable.

  8. COVID19 is currently making its way through my town, the local high school football team had a player best positive, so that shut the program down (hopefully just temporarily) and sent a ripple effect across the town. My friend’s kid tested positive a week later, and he has not shown any signs of illness whatsoever. Completely asymptomatic. His little brother tested positive and ran a fever for two days, day three he’s back to being a healthy 10 year old kid.

    Bottom line, I think we need to delineate between testing positive and actually being sick. People who are actually sick need to stay home and isolate themselves. People who are asymptomatic need to get on with their lives. Yes this can be a very serious and deadly virus, but I’ve yet to hear of a single truly healthy person dying from it. I’ve heard of people that had heart attacks or seizures, who happened to also have the coronavirus, but I’ve yet to see any convincing argument that proves COVID caused those tragic deaths. Heart disease and Seizures kill people every day, corona or no corona.

    • Well said. I think the same thing. It’s an illness that people who are already vulnerable need to avoid if at all possible, JUST LIKE THE FLU. I mean think about it, if somebody over 80 got the flu before it was serious, and they often had to go to the hospital for pneumonia. We take the same precautions with the same people during flu season every year without lockdowns or masks. This is with a vaccine by the way. Flu shots are recommended, but are not shown to be very effective or reliable at stopping or slowing it. We have tens of millions of flu cases each year WITH a flu shot. Still we don’t lock the country down although we have 50 million people catching the flu each year and we somehow survive as a nation. There are spikes during the flu season when hospitals get tons of patients, schools may have to close for a few days in areas because of a local flu outbreak, and half your team at work may have a bout with the flu where folks drop like flies for a week or two…then it’s over. That’s about it. Big deal. There’s little to no evidence that lockdowns are masks have slowed the spread of Covid whatsoever. What was the variable that caused change then? An election and a triggered, TDS-riddled media.

  9. These interviews seem like main stream media are guiding someone through their approval checklist.

    Sex: Male. Fail
    Race: White. Fail
    Age: over 60. Fail
    Pro athlete/actor: Pre-qualifies as authority on all subjects
    Acknowledge Covid is the most terrifying event of our lifetime. Pass
    Agree that current extreme Covid restrictions are still inadequate. Pass
    Show unwavering trust in medical establishment decisions to implement maximum social restriction. Pass
    Cites only facts approved by media. Pass
    Give unquestioned support and approval to any and all SJW opinions. Pass
    Show no sign of masculinity or independence. Pass
    Show no spirit of reason or willingness to take any risk whatsoever. Pass
    Avoids independent critical thinking. Pass
    Assures they will blindly abide by all government orders no matter how severe. Pass
    Shows to be non-threatening, domesticated and/or docile.Pass
    Hands over man card. Pass

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